OT Another Vent She Stuffed Up My Wedding Dress

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K8 - February 21

sorry not on piczo on myspace w w w . myspace/threewordsareforbidden


vonzo - February 21

You're more than welcome, sorry i didn't realise you were so far away :o) Hope you find something you like! I'm sure your hubby to be will think you look stunning no matter what though :o)


dee23 - February 21

k8 thank you! u guys are so sweet. k8, i cant get onto your website...says the page doesnt exist. i think though, by the time i receive it, there wont be anytime to alter it......this is the big problem, i need to find a dress that fits off the rack within a week, and i just dont know how im going to pull it off. only one style of dress suits me, because of me height, b___bs and body shape, so its going to be hard. this dress isnt even lined or hemed or st_tched together, it needs so much work. i forgot to mention, dh did end up getting through to the dress maker, he told her that he didnt appreciate the way she spoke to me, and asked to make a time to pick up the dress, and that she wont get her money if its not done, well she started telling him how bad her life is, so he called her a winger, and she told him to f* off and hung up on him....friendly person i tell ya.


K8 - February 21

i got the addresss wrong it is w w w . myspace.com/threewordsareforbidden sorry . i know what you mean about time but if i express posted it you might have a week left? anyways good luck with it all. (i have humungous b___bs so its big in that area)


dee23 - February 22

lol k8, my b___bs are huge too.....well i bought a dress today, it cost $1250, but she took 200 off it, and this way its no stress's. my aunt is helping and putting 500 toward it, and my dad wants to put toward it too....i just think im lucky to have found one so fast, thx to all and wish us luck for our big day!


LollyM - February 22

Aww, That really sucks! I'm sorry the dress maker is such a weirdo! I am glad you got a new dress so fast though and congrats! Hope your day is perfect =)



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