OT Anyone NOT 20 With Thier First Baby

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TC - December 16

After reading the other post, I started feeling very senior citizen. I just turned 29 and this is my first baby. Anyone out there in my age bracket? I waited some time bf I had one bc I wanted to married first and all of that blah blah.


CEM - December 16

Hi TC, you most certainly are not alone. I was 27 when I had my first about 5 years ago. Now I'm 32, so if you feel like a senior citizen what does that make me?? ;-)


TC - December 16

Hey, to me 29 & 32 is the same age. LOL!!!


CEM - December 16

Yeah, I guess anything after 25 is pretty much the same thing! It's only when you're still very young that it makes a difference. Like when I was walking, talking, and in pre-school, you were still a twinkle in your daddy's eye! ;-). But seriously though, not to bash anyone, but there are a lot of young mommas around here. Pretty hard not to feel ancient!!


Kris10 - December 16

The other day was my birthday - I just turned 26. I felt really old when one of my friends told me I am no longer that close to 20. AND I have two young kids!! I already feel the arthritis setting in... LOL.


Stevens Mom - December 16

Hi! I'm 33 and I just had my baby. My dh is 45! So dont feel senior at all. You must think my dh is ancient to have a baby (lol). Your not alone!!!!!!!!!!


Christy - December 16

I am 31 and Ben is my first baby. I'll be 32 in March. DH is 30 and will be 31 next month.


kristin - December 16

I am 28 with my first baby, Allison, who is 11 weeks olds today. I, like you, TC, wanted to wait to just be married for awhile. A lot of my friends my same age, are no where near ready to have a baby, so it seems that I will be on my third when they are on their one, that is when I will feel old!


Narcissus - December 16

TC, I had my son after getting married, and at the senior age of 31. I cannot imagine having a baby in my early twenties. I was too busy with other stuff to have a baby. Also, I would be a divorced woman if I married and had children with any of the guys I dated back in the days.


TC - December 16

Oh yeah, the guys I dated in the past were not dh material. I too was doing so much other stuff in my early twenties. Some stuff I probably wont ever talk about again!! Hee Hee It sure is nice to see other people who had their babies "later" in life. LOL!! You know its funny, my aunt used to tell me that I was getting too old to have a child. When I was in the hospital recovering from having Danny, my aunt said that I should start on baby #2 in about 5 mos. That lady is definitely on some new sh*t that aint nobody try yet!!! LOL!!


Narcissus - December 16

ROFLMAO!! I love it when other people know when we should have our next baby!!


TC - December 16

You know!!! She was crazy, I still had a big ole' hole in my gut and she was talking about another kid.


lisa - December 16

im 26 this is my first


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 16

I am 28, will be 29 in March! Lucas is my first. We tried for him for a few years though. I want to have one more in the next year or two and then we're done!


Shelly - December 16

I am 29 but will be 30 on newyears day,...snif..it's going to be hard not being in my twenties no more


Vanaseregwen - December 16

I was 30 when I had my son, I'm 33 and expecting my new daughter anyday.


erin - December 16

I was 29 when I got pregnant and 30 when I had my son. I enjoyed my 20s, finished college, got married, and now I will be enjoying my 30s with my little munchkin.



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