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Deirdra - February 23

So wenesday i call my dr. Lately i cant seem tog et enough sleep im fatiqued and grouchy and im sore and i have constant headaches form being tired...and OOOHHH the shakes! they drive me crazy im so clumsy...also me being so tired i almost feel alseep driving...it just hits me i wanst tired when i started but i had to pull voer and like stick my head out into the cold night air! lol...so yea i go to the dr's and they have no clue whats wrong...so ok they take my blood test for abnormatlites and anemia. welp my thyriod is off the charts and going crazy in december it was kindof low and now its CRAZY! so i have to have my blood check once a week... and i have to go see a specialitst b/c they told me i need to get it under control or else it leads to cancer...so im FREAKING OUT! cancer runs in my family like wildfire! well another thing about this is gaining weight like a crazy person i was 167 the day i delivered...and now 190!!!!! and im eating healthier and wokring out more and im just getting bigger...so im depressed about that! but yea...i dont know what im going to do...but im starting to get shaky so i wont be able to type soon...anyone know anything about thsi thanks!


mandee25 - February 23

Well I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and have to take a pill daily for the rest of my life. It has been stable for a long time. I have had it for 8 years now. I wish you luck.


USMC_wife - February 23

aw, I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. The good news is that they found the problem, and that's definetly a start. My sister had thyroid problems and since she has been on synthroid it has gotten so much better. She is finally able to lose weight after having her kids (youngest is 7) it just took that long to realize what was wrong. For some reaso thyroid problems are somewhat common after having a baby. My doc checked mine after my dd was born, but thankully everything was fine. Dang! I can't use that excuse for till being fat........ lol. Yeah, my antidepressants did that for me. grrr.


USMC_wife - February 23

Ok........I can't type


LisaB - February 23

First off your doctors all suck no offensive but every doctor you see scares the c___p out of you for no good reason. Having sadi that it is very common after pregnancy to have your thyroid freak out and it can easily (in most cases)be controlled with medication. I know it CAN lead to cancer but hey what can't these days just take care of it and feel better soon!!! Within a few days on meds you should feel better and start losing some weight.


shelly - February 23

sorry deirdre ,i dont know anything about thyroid problems but i hope they sort it out for you and that you feel better soon.


bradylove - February 23

I know 2 people who have hyperthyroidism (really fast thyroid) and they can't gain weight, they're both super skinny and will likely always be. They both take meds to slow it down, I don't really know too much about it though.


Deirdra - February 23

Thanks ladies, well my dr is normally great i guess she is just really concerned about me and my son. she is very personal calls and checks up every few weeks with me. i lvoe her. well at least i know why im getting huge...do the pills really help you lose weight quickly like i hear? its very rapid weight loss? i only wanna loose like 60 lbs... and be like 130 140 i dont wanna b super skinny...just smaller...lol...


LisaB - February 23

Deidra I'm soory if I offended you I meant no harm I always see you writing about doctors freaking you out and I think thats sad as thats not there job at all. Doctors need to be supportive and level headed not jumpping to the C word so losely is all I meant


LollyM - February 23

I'm sorry to hear about your problem! On the plus side, at least they figured out that it's your thyroid. I have deff heard that thyroid problems make you gain weight. They will probably give you some pills and then you will feel much better =) prayers to you!


Deirdra - February 23

oh lisa i didnt take any offense...most drs do freak me out, but my dr normally doesnt lol...just this time she did...lol...


lexa - February 23

Im sorry to hear about this Deirdra. My mother and sister have thyroid problems and are on medication. I personally don't know too much about this, but wanted to wish you luck and hope you get better soon!


cant_think_of_a_decent_name - February 25

Deirdra- do you have an over active or an under active thyroid? An over active thyroid makes you lose weight really quickly whereas an under active thyroid makes you gain weight. This runs in my family alot so if you have an over active one and are gaining weight it would lead me to suggest its maybe not that thats making you gain the weight. Either way i hope you feel better soon and have more luck with your doctors. they can be such pigs at time! Normally pills sort out thyroid problems so try not to worry yourself too much, at least you know why you have been feeling so bad and something can be done. Kristin xx



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