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Deirdra - January 19

Ok so yea me and hubby were taking pictures of each other last night and fooling around in the car as we were waiting for our takeout to be finished. well we ended up fight over the camera and he let go and i punched myself in the faced...LMAO! and i got a bloody nose and everything, well today i just looked in the mirror and the corner of my eyes are a little bruised...i cant go to work like this, how i can i cover it up...and please dont think DH hit me...b/c he didnt i hit myself im an idiot!


Lisastar9 - January 19

Oh no do you have some consealer you can put on to cover up. Hope the bruise heals fast. Maybe you should report your self for adult abuse. HAHA.


vonzo - January 19

Do a mad 1980's eyeshadow number on yourself and claim you're trying to start a revival :o)


fraud? - January 19

good that ur finance seem to be doing better sence just a couple day ago ur baby was starving hope u and dh share ur takeout with him


fraud? - January 19

oop my bad i see on another thread u bout baby 2 can of formula guess was some left over?


ash2 - January 19



ash2 - January 19

Anyway deidra that last post was not for you , i just couldnt understand what the heck the " troll" was saying. I would just explain it to your boss. Do you come in contact wih customers ?


spongebob - January 19

she bought that with money someone from the forum sent her fraud? .


Steph - January 19

I think that the point fraud? is trying to make is that just a few days ago Deirdra was talking about how she didn't have any money at all and that she had no money for formula....so someone sent her some money and now she's eating take out....I a__sume fraud? is wondering where she got the money from, and if she had to take a handout from a stranger, she shouldn't be eating takeout? Am I right?


ash2 - January 19

fraud, you dont need to be so judgemental . You dont know if that is the only food that she has ! Maybe she got the food gift card for christmas, maybe someone paid for it, maybe she got someone else to bring her " suprise money" ...You never know, so dont jump to conclusions. Besides, it takes less money for me to eat out then to buy all the ingridients to cook !


rl- - January 19

hey fraud? why won't you post under your real sign on? I would think that would make you a fraud as well????anyways... Just tell people the truth you were fooling around and hit yourself in the eye....what is the big deal do your co-workers think your dh beats you or something?


LisaB - January 19

Steph I see your point going out to eat be it take out or fine dining is a luxury and after taking money from a stranger it could be seen as a slap in the face. fraud? just loses credability by not using her name.


LisaB - January 19

as do I with my bad typing hehe


Renea - January 19

I am guessing that fraud? is probably a regular here and is probably afraid that all would jump down on her for posting that. I too can see why she said what she did.


lexa - January 19

Oh jeez! Hello, there was a thread that Deirdra didn't have money to buy the baby formula and a good samaritin offered to send her money to purchase some. So thats were this whole "eating out" is stemming from. I do however agree with LisaB. It does seem like a slap in the face (sorry Deirdra). But back to the topic at hand. Who cares what people think. If he didn't hit you, don't worry. Just tell the truth! A little makeup goes a long way. I like Vonzo's suggestion, lmao! Sad thing is that will probably be back soon....yikes!!!


hello - January 19

you can take it easy on the oh jeez lexa, i was merely asking cause i am not on here 24/7. Why couldn't they have p___ned the camera to buy the formula? If i were the person sending them money i would be peeved knowing they can afford a camera, can afford take away but cant afford to buy formula for the baby.....time to get priorities in order deirdra... Isnt this the guy that does drugs so therefore bills aren't paid, etc etc.......just trying to establish who is who as a few on here have loser boyfriends........


lexa - January 19

Um hello....the oh jeez was not stated to you! It was stated towards the situation here. Your name followed the "oh Jeez" in order to answer your question that you had asked.



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