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Deirdra - February 18

Ok so I did something stupid today...well I put a broom leanning acgainst the doorway to my kitchen so i would remeber to sweep..but i leaned it up so it wouldnt be in the way. we ll i was carrying a largelky full laundry basket to the kitchen and i didnt relaize the brrom had slid down and it was like a trip wire and i triped over it and hit my head on the doorway knocking myself out...well DS was in his swing...welll i was opnly out like 5 minutes i think i woke up to him crying...i gave him his binky and he fell asleep so i decided to take a nap too my head was KILLING me ( not a good idea i know dh already yelled at me ) so i popped a couple of my pain meds left from my deluvery and slep tfor an hour until ds woke me up...i was litttle dizzy at first but now im ok...im trying not to hold ds to much just incase until dh will come home (he is taking ds out for the night to a friends house so i can have alone time...finally for months waiting) well i feel ok now no nausia and im steady on my feet...i DO have a slight headache but thats to be expected...is there antying i should be looking for or watching for? i do have ds by myself for 2 more hours...


Deirdra - February 18

sorry typos...head hurts...


Lisastar9 - February 18

I would just take it easy,if you have to hold your little one hold him sitting on the floor,I am sure you will be fine. Enjoy your alone time.


punkin01 - February 18

if you are still having a headache your hubby may want to stay home with you or at least come home and check on you at least every 2-3 hrs. and if you are asleep wake you every hour or so to check for confusion, lethargic, or unconsciousness....hope everything goes OK


eclipse - February 19

Um, you have cla__sic concussion symptoms, and since you knocked yourself out, that's bad. Call your doctor, at least get checked out. I would recommend that. Have your husband check on you every few hours. Swelling can occur and be delayed. I wouldn't worry too much but the fact you knocked yourself out is a little upsetting to me (worked in the ER for a few years).



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