OT Calssical C Section Anyone

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jorden - December 24

i've tried to ask people on the c-section section but...no onw answers. I had to have a classical sections bacause my baby was too big and they couldnt cut wide enough on my uterus becasue of something with my veins(i dont remember) but they told me i might be at risk for preterm labor or tearing before im full term. Pretty much that i might have trouble having more babies. I was wondering if anyone else has had a classic section and if everything went okay...THANX


Jamie - December 25

do you mean horizontal or vertical? cause I had a horixzontal cut and no one mentioned to me diificulties with furthger pregnancies beyond the same issues I had with this one.


Jbear - December 25

I think the cla__sical one means the vertical incision. The reason that is riskier for future pregnancies is that the cut goes up into the thicker, muscular part of the uterus. From what I've read sometimes the cut goes higher than other times. Your doctor knows how far the incision went, so he would know best what the risks would be for you. They used to do all c-sections that way and people had more than one baby, so it must be possible. I've read that people with a cla__sical incision can't have a VBAC. They also might schedule a c-section a couple of weeks before your due date, to be sure you don't go into labor. If your doc is saying you shouldn't have more babies, you could always get a second opinion. I would imagine that time to heal between pregnancies would be important too. If the only time they told you anything about future pregnancies was in the hospital, you might want to just ask your doctor again...will all the meds and the stress and excitement, you might have misunderstood what they said to you.


Lynne - January 6

Hi Jorden: I had the vertical or cla__sic c section performed in July 2005. My son later died in the NICU. My son was born premature at 25.1 weeks, the section was cut that way because he was breach and severely premature. My regular OB told me to wait 1 year before TTC again but the Peri who delivered my baby said that we could start trying after the 1st of the new year if everything looked okay. I agree, with the vertical incision being done any future pregnancies may have to watched closely due to the chance of abruption in the future.


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - January 6

I've had three vertical (cla__sical) c-sections ... and all babies were just fine ... of course, they were taken on average four-five weeks early ... the last one was delivered November 2005 ... and Lynne, I am sincerely heartbroken for your loss.



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