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tiphanai - January 14

My baby's not due for a couple of weeks but I'm still trying to decide on a stroller. I'm gonna go for a car seat carrier frame instead of a full blown stroller due to travel/moving/etc. Can anyone make any recommendations? I'm getting the Graco Snugride car seat so I'm leaning towards the Graco Snugrider Stroller Frame. My only concern is, do these stroller frames recline the car seat at all? I've always heard that infants shouldn't be sitting upright in their car seats for long periods of time and I want to make sure I choose one that will have her positioned correctly.


melissa g. - January 14

i HIGHLY recommend the Graco Snugrider - I LOVED this product -- made me sad when my dd outgrew her graco carseat and we couldnt use it anymore -- sturdy, HUGE basket, easy to use, light, i cant praise it enough. When the seat is snapped in -- the baby is quite reclined, my dd slept happily in it all the time -- when she got bigger, she began to protest b/c she didnt want to be so reclined anymore, she want to sit up! I am full of love for the Snugrider.


BriannasMummy - January 14

Very very good choice on the Graco snugride.. I have one and its perfect for my dd. There was also a couple posts on here about studies that had been done on carseats. They tested 12 carseats.. ONLY 2 pa__sed.. the snugride was one of them! ~Kristin~


tiphanai - January 14

Great! Thanks girls. I'm on way out to purchase the seat and the frame this week. On the carseat safety note, I'm in Canada and because the tests were performed using only American seats, ours are supposedly exempt from that study. I'm not sure if I buy that because they couldn't tell me what is different in the production of Canadian car seats. But I did find out that US car seats are not legally allowed for use up here.... Either way, seeing as the Snug Ride pa__sed I'm sticking with that!


ash2 - January 14

Im not sure if that one was the carseat that was last with the safety ratings, but i do remember one of them being graco...i do have a graco, but i think it is expired...:(


BriannasMummy - January 14

tiphanai: Im also in Canada.. I live right on the Canadian/ American border soo its very simple for me to go across the border and buy the EXACT same snugride carseat. Ive done a lot of research on the difference.. and in the end i found.. the only difference between a canadian snugride carseat and an american one is that there is a Canadian approved sticker on the Canadian one. They are made the same.. with the exact same equipment and in some cases made in the exact same plant by the exact same employees. ash2.. yes it is the Graco snugride that was one of the 2 that pa__sed the test. Good luck! ~Kristin~


tiphanai - January 14

BriannasMummy, that's funny you should say that. I kinda figured they were all coming from the same place! And they're about $50 cheaper in the states even after the exchange rate, so guess you might be going stateside to get yours?


BriannasMummy - January 14

I couldnt go stateside to get mine.. I WANTED TO SOOO BADLY.. i mean i even had it in my hands. The problem is.. if you have a carseat without that stupid sticker here.. they wont let you leave the hospital with your baby.. until u come back with a carseat with that Canadian approved sticker. My sister was smart though.. she bought her carseat in Maine when she takes her baby out of the hospital she is going to take her out in MY carseat.. and then just continue to use hers once we are at home. Its amazing the value of a sticker! ~Kristin~


Lisastar9 - January 14

BriannasMummy,I am in Canada and they the nurses barly batted an eye when we left the hospital with all our three kids. Two were born in a majour city in Ab and the other was born in Sk where we live now. Oh and I was the only mother on the maturnity ward for the longest time too. They the ward was not very busy,so the nurses had plenty of time to check my carseat.


tiphanai - January 15

Do you have to leave with your baby in a car seat? I live directly across the street from the hospital, literally 80 ft from door to door, so there's no sense in even driving there. I had planned to walk across the street home with her. I wonder if that's allowed?


BriannasMummy - January 15

Lisastar9: when i had my first dd 4 years ago... they never talked to me about this sticker on the side of the carseat at all. They didnt even check my carseat. Its when I went to have my second dd on December 7th. They made a huge deal about this sticker on the carseat.. saying it HAD to have this sticker or we couldnt leave. Not one, Not two, but 3 nurses came in to check the carseat before we left. All the way through my pregnancy several nurses and doctors warned me about the carseat. It might be the particular hospital or province that has such stiff carseat rules... it might be because we live so close to the USA border and they have had problems w/ people buying carseats from there. Who knows?? ~Kristin~


Lchan - January 15

Congratulaton in advance on the upcoming birth of your baby. I, too, considered a car seat carrier but was talked out of getting one. The advice I was given was so dead-on that I have to share it with you. Once your baby is old enough to sit up on her/his own, which is about 5-6 months of age, they aren't content to be in the reclined position that the snug ride hold them. Instead they want to sit up and see the world. Also, the outgrow the snugride by 1 year so unless your carrier is compatible with your new car seat, you'll have to purchase a stroller next year at this time.


tiphanai - January 16

Yeah, I was anticipating only getting 5 months or so of use out of the Snugrider. But I can't decide what stroller to buy so I figured I'd spend $60 now and then give myself some more time to decide on what stroller I should get. I was leaning towards the Bugaboo but we travel alot and I heard it sucks at the airport with the 2 piece fold up. I figure for $800 I don't want to have to buy another stroller for convenience.


Lchan - January 16

When my baby was 5 months and under I didn't rely on my stroller as much as I do now. He was light enough that I could carry him in the carrier for quick jaunts into store. Now, at 9 months he weights nearly 20 lbs and its too much to carry him in his carrier for very long. I live in the suburbs so I do a lot of errands that involve driving from one store to the next. On the weekends my stroller goes in and out of the car several times each day. Its important to get a stroller that you can quickly fold, lift, and go. I'm not familiar with the bugaboo. I have a peg pergo. It folds with a step-step collapse and is light to pick up. Its also narrow enough to get through cloth racks at the mall. My friend has the graco travel system and her stroller is so wide that she can't get through a lot of stores. Its also much heavier then my peg pergo.



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