OT Cheap Ways To Raise The Value Of A House

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Rhiannon - February 10

Hi. My husband and I are moving across Canada and we are selling our house. I was wondering if anyone knows of some CHEAP ways of raising the value of our townhouse. We don't want to spend a lot of money because we just moved in a year ago and the land value hasn't gone up very much. We are currently painting, putting new floors inthe bathroom, upstairs hallway, and putting cheap stick on vinyl in the laundry room. Any suggestions?


vonzo - February 10

There was a programme on this the other night and i watched it :o) change the fixtures and fittings to chrome looking ones, eg, plug sockets/light switches/door handles. Make your house an neutral as possible but leave it with splashes of colour with cushions/candles/curtains etc. De-clutter and de-personalise it. If you had LOADS of photos of you and your family or loads of ornaments alot of people cant see past that and can't envisage themselves living there as its full of your things. Wash the windows! If you have any pets try and ask someone to watch them while you have a viewing going on. Lighting, have little lamps on the bedside tables. If you;re showing your house when its dull turn the little lamps on as well as the big light as it gives off an impression of being really light with different degreees of it (does that make sense?) Oh do you have a garden? If you do make sure its tidy, presentable and looks easy to keep! Erm..thats all i can think of right now, if any more come to me i'll let you know :o)


luviduvi - February 10

I know my hubby and I just had our house appraised not too long ago. We had done some things since it was first appraised and it raised the value. We added some landscaping (not a lot), put "tile" down in our kitchen. It was linoleum. Put tile in our batherooms, it was carpeted. Added a island to our kitchen and put all stainless steal appliances in the kitchen. The things that changed the value the most was the stainless steel and landscaping. I know these things aren't really cheap : ( We had repainted our entire home too and we even completely re did some rooms and we got nothing out of it. To raise the value, you have to change things that the next owner won't come in and change. good Luck.


Lisastar9 - February 10

forbes.com/2003/05/23/cx_bs_0523home.html...found this,hope it helps.


Erynn21 - February 10

Ok I just saw this on Rachael Ray, you can buy metallic "stainless steel" paint on the internet for about $150(US) a gallon and paint the appliances to give them that stainless look. That is the new "hot" look in kitchens, also painting cupboards, adding new hardware(in the kitchen, bathroom). The stainless paint was awesome and the gallon was enough to do the fridge, stove, dishwasher, it looked really good. I like that program "Designed To Sell" on HGTV(don't know if they have that in Canada) it helps find inexpensive ways to sell your house. Oh yeah, lighting, new light fixtures are a good thing to change, newer more cla__sic styles can really help. Good luck.



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