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dee23 - January 16

has anyone been to get there back cracked? if so did it help you? how often did you go? i would like to go but they are so expensive so i just want opinions b4 i spend the money, cheers.


mcatherine - January 16

My entire family gets adjusted every Wednesday. We pay cash and it is costly, but worth it. Many will work with you on the amount you can pay.


Nerdy Girl - January 16

I had never been to a chiropractor before, but went for the first time when my son was a few months old. My back was frickin' killing me!!! I went regularly for about 6 months. I can honestly say that what the chiropractor did as far as adjustments did not really do much to help. But what did help is that he pointed out the root of my problem. The pregnancy and excess weight had left me with virtually no core strength so my back was bearing the brunt of all my daily strains (picking up baby, laundry, loading the carseat in and out, etc). He recommended that I get a physioball, and that is what I did. Once I started getting some strength back into my abs, glutes, and back muscles, the pain went away. It wasn't that expensive - my insurance covered most of it. But it's like once you go, the chiropractor tries to convince you that you can never stop coming. Once you feel better, then he wants you to come back for a "check up" every 2 weeks. I did this for a little while and then was thinking that I felt better and it was so difficult to go to the frequent appointments because I had to get someone to watch the kids, so why was I still going so often??? My last appointment was in October and I feel fine. I still use the ball regularly for core strength, so that's probably helping a lot.


SonyaM - January 16

I have seen a chiropractor off and on for years. Recently I have been going very often since June. First three times a week, then two, then one and now every 2-3 weeks. In the beginning it made a HUGE difference. I was really shocked. I was painfree for the first time in years. Then slowly ithe pain started to return. I have a bulging disc so it's complicated to treat. I pay $45.00 a session.


tallgirl - January 16

I love my chiroprator...when my nephew was born the dr used forcepts...he was cs and his neck was twisted...for the first four months he looked like he was slow or somethin' the dr said he would be slow...we took him to our chiroprator and after only 4 adjustments he looked better...he is now 3 and perferctly health...his neck being out was cutting off the flow of blood to his head. Also, the adjustments helped me with my pregnancy. My chrio says that there are alot out there that try and tell you that you need to see them often but with mine he trys to figure out why you are in pain and then gives you suggestions on how to see him less and except for the fact that I had an accident 2 months ago...I usually only have to see him 4X a year. Our family have been going to chrios since before I was born. We have been through a few, but my family loves our curret one. Only problem is he is about to retire so we are going back to having to fine a new one again. :(


ash2 - January 16

Alot of people are not for the chiropractor, but i am. I went 2 times before when i was in a car accident and it helped by the next day !


Kara H. - January 16

It is hard to find a good one. Some I think are just trying to scam you out of money. My chiro usually just tells me to call him when I need him. When I went to see him when Max was 12 wks old, he flat out told me that my neck and hips were a mess from the pregnancy and I needed to start doing some type of core strengthing excersises like the elipse or jogging and that needed to go get ma__sages regularly because of tight my neck and upper back muscles were. He said he could keep adjusting me, but that I would just keep going out of alignment if I didn't fix the underlying problem. He is so great. I like him so much that I overlook his elderly cat that lives at the office makes the place stink!


melissa g. - January 16

I have had back issues for yrs and there are some really good chiropractors and there are some money-grubbing quacks. I have experienced both. Be wary of anyone who wants to see you for wks on end with no mention of helping you learn to help yourself or helping you to strengthen your core. My current chiro I see maybe once or twice a year and when I first began seeing her, after the first few appts, she got me using a therapy ball with a whole exercise regime to do on it and it made a huge difference in my back. Her goal was to get me to a place where I DIDNT need to see her.



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