OT Computer Screen

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monica - November 22

Does anyone know how to clean them, what to use?


Jbear - November 22

If it's the regular gla__s one, I always used windex sprayed on a paper towel. When I got a flat panel monitor, I bought a microfiber cloth that I use dry.


monica - November 22

its a lap top..so its not gla__s...Oh well I guess I have to go to office depot...just was not in the mood to leave the house.


what - November 22

is ot?


monica - November 22

off topic


CEM - November 22

We have a laptop too, and to clean it I just use a soft cloth. No water or anything. Now, I guess mine isn't very dirty, but even if it was I would just moisten it a bit and wipe it off. I often find that plain old water and a cloth is all you need to get something really clean. Same goes for the bathroom mirror, as long as you dry it off afterwards. Windex is evil, no offence Jbear!! :)


BBK ® © - November 22

monica there are special cleaners, but a microfiber cloth works. I'd recommend to any computer owner a can of compressed air too to keep keyboards free of "stuff" :-)


TC - November 22

CEM-What's wrong with Windex?


CEM - November 23

Windex?... Well, it's nothing personal.... I just think it's funny that people would never think to put something that colour in their body, but have no problem cleaning their house with it! It's very unnatural, and is probably not too healthy if inhaled, just like most other non-biodegradable household cleaners. I could see if it got things really clean, but I was never very satisfied with it. I have just noticed that the best ways to clean things are often the cheapest, and the most environmentally friendly. Just my humble opinion. :)


Beth - November 23

I'm a windex addict, and just to reply to the unnatural color, mine's clear, and made with vinegar...i dunno...i just love it, it works for everything....just my humble opinion....


CEM - November 23

I've never seen clear Windex before! Cool. Made with vinegar, that's good, sounds like they're cleaning up their act!!


d - November 23

Windex damages the windows of your car, you'll see these light blue circles on the side view. I use a microfiber cloth with water and it cleaned very good on gla__s, my computer, the T.V etc..


to CEM - November 23

The "Ocean Water" at Sonic is blue. Unnatural it may be but DEE- LICIOUS! :)


CEM - November 24

I have no idea what either "ocean water" or sonic is!! Please explain. :)


Jbear - November 24

Sonic is a hamburger restaurant where you pull up and they walk the food out to the car (they used to use roller skates). I haven't had "ocean water" but sonic has slushes in a variety of toxic-looking colors...antifreeze green, windex blue, etc. The kids like them because they stain the mouth for a while. Oh, to whoever posted about sonic first...my favorite sonic recipe...ghetto margarita...get a lime slush, drink a little bit to make room, and add tequila. Stir with the straw and enjoy!


TC - November 24

WOW!!! You learn something new everyday!!



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