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aurorabunny - January 29

Okay I've been dying to ask this so I'm just going to do it. Does anyone else watch Degrassi?? I know it's a middle school/high school show but I've been watching it for years and I just am obsessed with it....LOL Laugh if you will. Please someone else say they watch shows they are too old for too!!


San - January 29

LOL!! Ok, but seriously I don't catch it on tv anymore (except the new, horrible one). If it was on, I would be watching Joey Jerimiah and the gang for sure. It's funny to see them nowadays...all grown up :)


Marlyn - January 29

I watch it! I have been watching it for the last couple of years and my husband totally makes fun of me! It's kinda addicting...and I must say that I also watch Idol and Next Top Model!!!


USMC_wife - January 29

I watch Sponge Bob with my 4 year old.........but I secrectly enjoy watching it regardless. I've never been a big cartoon fan, but come on.........Who lives in a pineapple under the sea........


flower.momma - January 29

I used to, its on cable in the US. Hubby made SOOOOO much fun of me that I stopped. I don't know why I liked it.


BreaunasMommy - January 29

I watch gilmore girls and own all 6 seasons on dvd lol and watch them over and over...dont think im to old for it im only 24 :). I used to watch laguna beach on mtv I loved the first season might be to old for that one


aurorabunny - January 29

I watch the old episodes from the 80's and the new generation that's on now. It's all I ever want to watch, I even got all the seasons off of Netflix. It's REALLY sad, LOL. Our TV is tuned to Noggin 24 hours a day because daytime is like Dora and Blues Clues and nighttime is Degra__si for the older kids. And for sad adults like me that accidentally got addicted to the show, LOL!


ssmith - January 29

LOL aurora! If reruns of the old Degra__si were on.....I'd watch! Spike, Wheels, Snake.....ah the memories! I am a bit ashamed to say that I LOVE South Park. That show is hilarious!


torbman - January 29

Ok I am guilty of this. I watch with my girls, Raven,Smart Guy,and a few others. There just isn't alot that appeals to me these days on tv. Of course Greys Anatomy and ER I love, but ya gotta catch them. I love the Backyardagains. I watch those with Joel. Hehe, your never too old!!! LOL


torbman - January 29

Oh and I love Degra__si too. I watched it as a kid. (The old one), Remember Spike> Gotta love her hair. hehe.


Meredith - January 29

I have been addicted to Degra__si for some time now. 3-4 years...I am in the States, I watch it on cable. I started watching the old ones now, too. I am backwards bc for me it is cool to see all these actors as the kids instead of the adults. I actually set my DVR to record alot of the shows on that channel...Beyond the Break and Instant Star. Oh yes, and I am way too old for that stuff. :-)


MommyMeg07 - January 29

I used to watch it alot! I don't think we have the channel now. Hey, aurorabunny, may seem weird but is your first name actually Aurora? If so, let me know how you've liked growing up with that name, b/c it's between that name and 1 other for my baby girl that's due in 2 and a half weeks!! :)


bradylove - January 29

ok...I love Degra__si! I have watched it since I was a kid! It used to be on way too late for me to watch (bedtime was like 7:30 and I think it was on at 8:00), anyhow, I was so addicted, that I used to listen to it on CBC radio in bed without my parents knowing! Sad, I know! I was so excited when the next generation started, and the episode when Caitlin came back was awesome! I can't believe I'm telling on myself! My husband just read my post over my shoulder and is laughing at me right now! Remember L.D., Alexa, Michelle, Liz, Christine and what about Stephanie's skanky outfits.....


jenrodel - January 29

Yay! Haha I love Degra__si! So embarra__sing... my husband is always making fun of me. I loved the old ones as a kid, and now as a 26 year old I watch the next generation lol... I don't care, it's good times.


BriannasMummy - January 29

I used to love degra__si!! When I was in high school sometimes the teacher would allow us to watch it in cla__s.. those were def. my favorite cla__ses. The very last episode when everyone graduates is on a website.. i LOVE that last one.. if n e one wants to take a gander.. that addy is movies.peekvid.com. Check it out!!! ~Kristin~


aurorabunny - January 29

Oh my god, YAY!!! LOL I am so excited. Anyone who watches The New Generation, please have Degra__si chats with me...hahaha. I love the old ones as well but they hardly ever play them anymore. I can't believe that J.T. is dead now, I must admit that I cried. Oh I forgot the best part---I have sucked my husband into it as well. He curls up on the couch and watches Degra__si marathons right along with me, but if someone comes over he loudly protests about me watching this "stupid high school show!" LOL!! And Mommymeg--my real name is Katie, I just made up this screename many years ago and still use it. I think it is a very pretty name, however first thing anyone online always asks me is if I'm from Aurora, CO...which I'm not.



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