OT Desperate To Lose Weight

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xcitd2bmum - October 12

Ok I am willing to try ALMOST anything now! I am 8 months pp and still cannot loose any of my 40 lbs of baby weight! I have tried everything from eating right, counting calories, excersizing 2 hours 5-6 days a week, not even my thyroid medication that I've been on for 6 months is helping! I did lose 16 lbs doing the master cleanse but gained 11 back within 2 months. It is making me very depressed...I dont want to go anywhere or see anyone. I am becoming very reclusive and its making life for me and those around me quite difficult. I am to the point where I would be willing to take diet supplements (with ok from my dok ) but I dont know what works out there or what to trust?! Does anyone know of any significant weight loss pills or ideas? Please Help!!


javidsgirl - October 12

i would talk to a natural path they may have a good solution for you.i have thryoid probs to but sine i have had my baby they have been good knock on wood. i have found green tea and b___ting out bread and reducing my starchy foods have helped me this far


Carole - October 12

Hi xcitd! I am a true believer of Weight Watchers. Not sure if you are the states or not but it is truly a life plan of eating that you can deal with. It is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. I lost 132 pounds on Weight Watchers. I gained 60 while I was pregnant. I am 4 1/2 months post baby and working on those now, but of course really hard working full time and 2 kids. check out their website and maybe give it try. Supplements and pills will not help you eat right and healthy, they are temp. fix. You won't lose extremely fast but I bet you keep it off longer that with the pills. You definitely need to exercise to get best results. I feel your pain. Right now I cannot fit into a st_tch of my clothing in my closet. It sucks and its depressing. Keep your chin up. There are many in your boat. Good Luck!


MNMOM - October 12

I agree, WW is a good place to try. I have done it before and a friend of mine is a leader, she is a true inspiration. Talk to your doctor too, he may have some ideas for you??


kimberly - October 12

I just had my third baby and I am bigger after this one then I have ever been before. I am only 8 weeks pp and still have time to lose it but I am discouraged too. Being you have thyroid issues this is probably the cause of it being so hard for you to lose. I would talk to your Dr. about it and see if thier is a better way to regulate your thyroid, that may help with weight loss. Also Jenny Craig is also a good weight loss program. My mother and step dad lost lots of weight while on it and they have only put a few pounds back on in 2 years.


lin7604 - October 12

i know how you feel. after i had my son i felt great, looked great and only had 5 lbs to lose at my 6 week check up. i though oh my this was easy. well slowly it all started to creep up back on me and now i'm at my weight when i was 5 months pregnant! :( I just don't get it, i am not eating terrible or lots every day, i do get less execise but when it was warmer out i was walking 3 time a day for 1 hr each with my son and i didn't lose a lb! NOw it is getting cold out and we booked our winter vacation, so the pressure is ON!


guccigal87 - October 13

girls thats nothing... my son is almost 9 months... i gained 100 lbs in my pregnancy and havent lost a lb.. in fact right after my son was born i gained 5 lbs within the 2 days ... i am frusterated might i add i go to the gym 5 days a week and barely eat ANYTHING in faft i couldnt eat anything in my pregnancy either but i had a really big baby and my b___bs are MASSIVE i never b___st fed soo they shouldnt be big but they are how much is weight watchers?


xcitd2bmum - October 13

Thank you all soo much for responding! You have all had some great advice! I was feeling bad 4 myself I guess, but I'm sure with all of us being moms on here everybody has been at this point at one time! Then thats why I came here though! :)Guccigal, that has got to be hard! Keep your head up, 5 days a week at the gym will definately have rewards soon! One thing that I have heard though is that minimal eating can actually make you gain weight?! That you should eat often but smaller portions and healthy choices in order to keep your metabolism up. I dont know from experience kimberly but I have heard that Jenny Craig is kinda expensive? Do you know if it is? I'm not sure how much weight watchers is, I have heard its pretty reasonable but I am definately going to check it out this weekend (its maybe 1/2 a mile from my house). I have known alot of people to loose weight with it and it sounds like you have had alot of luck with it Carole! Congratulations on losing all that weight! It must feel good! I was doing some research last night looking at diet supplements, I dont really want to take them but I feel like I need a jump start to keep me from getting so discouraged. Well I came across something called Lipovox. It is a concentrated form of the 10 super foods (an episode on oprah). I really get into health stuff and all the foods shown are benifical to your body in soo many ways, I am going to do more research on it before I jump into it but if any of you would like to read about it I found a link to buy it on ebay. Which I love because you can read the feedback that REAL people have left on it! Well I will let you all know how weight watchers goes this weekend! Thanx to everybody for your advice and good luck to all of you with your fitness goals!


guccigal87 - October 13

i know your supose to eat more often.. the thing with that is i had an eating disorder when i was young so my metabolism is seriously messed... plus i take TONS of pills and they make me dont really eat.. my anti depressants and i take dexatrim it helps me focus on my school work otherwise my head is everywhere... and i dont even realise that i dont eat until im going or in bed and i dont like eating right before i go to bed.. but maybe ill look at weight watchers too


Renee924 - October 17

Me too! I gained 48lbs when pregnant. Lost 24, got really depressed, lost another 12 with Alli then gained them back after I couldn't go more than 2 months on such a restricted fat diet. I've been trying to exercise more because I know that I'll have to to get back to the way I want (which is between 130-140lbs at 5'5"). I've been meaning to check out weight watchers. My mom lost 18lbs on it and I spoke to a police officer I saw at work and she said she lost 50 lbs (!!!!) after her baby with Weight Watchers.



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