OT Did Anyone Use Monistat During Their Pregnancy

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AnytimeLittleone - January 31

Hi all... as most of you know, Im pregnant again. Earlier this month, I had a really bad yeast infection, and the home remedies were not working. I had to get some Monistat and use that. It turns out, that I was probably newly pregnant at the time (1-2 weeks). I know doctor's dont reccomend the use of Monistat during pregnancy, but Im wondering if any of you HAD to use it, as the pros outweighed the cons? Everything that Im reading says that there isnt enough research to suggest the effects of using Monistat during pregnancy, Im looking for some reassurance...


piratesmermaid - January 31

I used it once while I was preggo. Had too, the infection was driving me mad! Gretchen came out fine.


AnytimeLittleone - January 31

that makes me feel a lot more at ease! Anyone else used monistat?


mcatherine - January 31

I didn't use it at all with my youngest, but I used it atleast 3 times with my oldest...


bekysu - January 31

I had yeast infections during my second. My doc said not to use monistat until the second trimester. Let your doc know. I am sure it was no big deal especially since your not that far along.


SonyaM - January 31

I used it with my first pregnancy which I lost. However I don't know that I believe that using monistat caused the miscarriage. I lost the baby at about 6.5/7 weeks but didn't find out until I was about 9 weeks or so when I started bleeding. I really don't remember when I used the monistat, I think after the 7 week point. Have you asked your OB thier opinion? Don't mean to alarm you but you asked and I wanted to be honest.


AnytimeLittleone - February 1

When I used the monistat, I had no idea that I might be pregnant. I used it at around the time when I *think* implantation took place. Could have been worse... I could have been 4 weeks and used it, I suppose. Luckily though, the pregnancy was VERY new when I used it. I see my doctor on Friday, so I'll ask her about it then...


kellens mom - February 1

I had to use it once when I was around 12 weeks along. Our fishing boat got stuck (thank you dh!) and I had to help push it. Combine being pregnant and suseptible to yeast with wearing wet clothes for 5 hours and I got an infection. All turned out well.


lucienne78 - February 1

I was a lucky one that had a yeast infection pretty much my entire pregnancy. No matter what I took, it wouldn't go away. My doctor told me to use Monistat 7 - not the other Monistats. Monistat 7 is the one that you have to use for a whole week compared to the others which is less time. A lot of times that didn't work for me, so I had to take prescribed creams and they even gave me diflucan. The second I had the baby, the yeast infection was gone.


LollyM - February 2

I used monostat 7 when I was about 8 weeks or so along. My doctor said that any ling of monostat was fine. I just remember the itching... it was so bad! I thought it was the end of me!! lol, but really, use the monistat, you will feel much better! Of course, call your doctor first to make sure s/he approves.



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