Ot Did She Seriously Just Say That

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mosley12 - February 27

i swear, some people have no brains when it comes to saying things that shouldnt be said. i was talking to this girl, and she was like why do we always have more money to go buy everything we want than you do? your dh makes more than mine. i was like yea, he makes what 80 more a month? and she was like well how do we have so much more and i was like you work. i dont, plus we have a 4 month old baby who needs food and diapering. and she was just like oh, well i think having a baby isnt very smart. id rather have money than a baby. i seriously just stared at her...who says things like this?!


chrissi79 - February 27

LOL - OMG - some people really don't have a brain in their head!!!!!! Oh dear....I can't believe when I hear stuff like this!!


jb - February 27

Haveing more money to get things you WANT is so materialistic. Having money to get things you NEED is what it is all about. I would have told her that I wasn't aware it was a compet_tion. She sounds pretty immature.


rl- - February 27

well some people are just very thoughtless and can say rude things without thinking...I would make it a point to avoid her in the future if I were you ( :


BusyBee - February 27

I call these people "poisonous friends." One of my "poisonous friends" made rude comments like this when we announced we were pregnant and moving into a bigger place. She said, "Where are you guys going to get the money to do that?" I was really offended because she got a huge inheritance when she turned 18 (but otherwise is unproductive) and seems to think she's the only one with any money. I've found that the best thing is to avoid people like that as much as possible.


rl- - February 27

oh just another thought her money will never look up at her and smile and say "I love you mommy" so to me your the real winner!!


LisaB - February 27

Thats so silly it made me laugh- there will always be people that just don't get it and I envy them in a way-wow to be that clueless!!


SonyaM - February 27

I really hope this girl isn't a "friend" of yours. Jeez, some people. I this for her having a baby wouldn't be very smart. She doesn't seem like the type of person that could sacrifice when needed. GGGGRRRR.......


sophandbob - February 27

Maybe it is a good thing someone like that isn't keen on reproducing!


Shea - February 27

I used to work with a girl like that. She got engaged and had a pretty big rock. She actually said "I'm so glad he got me a big ring, the bigger the ring the more they love you", we were all like.. hello!!!! The thing is she was just an airhead anyway, and actually the only reason he bought her a big ring is because he got a settlement from a car accident, other than that he couldn't hold a job. She also said once that even though she didn't want kids, she would have some if her in-laws would give them enough money (the inlaws were loaded and wanted grandchildren). Sad that people are out there like that.


Emily - February 27

you siad it sophandbob. I really dont get people like that. My own flesh and blood aunt said something so totaly inapropitate to my mom one day. We had a m/c of an unplanned pregnancy. Now just because it was unplanned, didn't mean we weren't thrilled or very upset (okay I was downright depressed) when I m/c. She said to my mom, well they didnt' want to be pregnant so now they aren't! did she serouisly say that?!?!?!?! If she would have said it to me, the whole resopect your elders and your family thing would have gone out hte window and I would have unleased on her. People who say stuff like I would rather have money than kids, jsut don't get how terific having a baby is. Anyone see those Johnson and Johnson Having a baby changes everything commerials? I love them, so true. the first time I saw one, I cried, Not sure which one it was. I always wanted kids but actually having them really does change you priorties in life....


ry - February 27

Sounds exactly like some of my "friends" Sadly I lost contact with almost all of them after I had my baby because they were too concerned with partying and shopping than to be happy for me and respect my new life. When I was starting show and getting really excited my one friend would always make a point to talk about how much weight she just lost and these really cool new bars. It was so corny. Then one day I was showing everyone the babys heart beat with the monitor thing and she stormed out of the room saying "really who cares! That is just too weird for me!" It used to really bother me but now I realize I am better off without them. And I realize it really came down to them being jealous.


Lanaya - February 27

The last two times I went out to a restaurant with my family (my dh, ds 17 months, dd 4 months, and me) I have had a rude comment from dumb hostesses, at two different resaurants too. The first one looked at me, pointed to my dd in her carseat and said "do you want a chair for it?" I said, "Yes a chair would be great for HER". Then yesterday, the four of us walked in and the hostess said, "just the two of you?" I said "Actually, there's four of us, and one needs a highchair" I just can't believe some people and how rude some comments can get, babies are people not animals, I was so mad.


Emmie - February 27

When I was in college I got engaged and my husband got me a third of a carat diamond. I showed it to my friend and she said-I would not want to be engaged until my fiance can by me a ring that costs at least 5000 dollars-I wouldnt want one so small. I wanted to smack her.


Hi - February 27

A so called best friend of mine(she claims this) informed me one day how happy she is she had c-sections instead of v____al births like I did because she couldn't handle being "loose" down there.I was like that d__n ignorant heifer.Needless to say me and her don't talk much .She's the type that doesn't take time for your input during a call.Just "yes,no and dang"is pretty much fine,lol.And icing on this c___ppy cake after 15 yrs. she tells me she's always been curious about being with a woman or a couple.And she thinks I look good .So friendship over no parting gift either,lol.You just never know some people.


mosley12 - February 27

lol. i see her on a regular basis..she lives near us..i dont trust her either.she's been known to be to friendly..i think the funny thing is she called me a snob because DH bought me a new dooney and bourke bag since i havent treated myself to anything in forever. she makes me so mad cause she's constantly bragging about money..she has no idea how much we have, and she thinks because i say no, we're saving means we're poor..no it just means we're smart and we're going to be able to afford a down payment on a nice house sooner! we are both younger (im 20, she's 18!!!) . they have money now, but she has no idea how much it cost to have a family and have nice things. they plan on b__wing all the money they are saving now on a cruise this summer


ninaatk - February 27

LMAO - some people are fricken clueless!! She wouldnt do well with children! - there is never money left at the end of the month! What a selfish - stuck up brat - LOL geeze some people....



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