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Katy - February 2

What did everyone cook for dinner last night? Or the night before for that matter. I need to add some excitement to mealtime. It is so hard trying to please adults and toddlers.


Barb - February 2

last night I made a chicken on the rotisserir (sp?) and served it with rice and asparagus....yum! the chicken just falls off the bone when it's cooked that way.....tonight I'm making a chicken pot-pie...the kids love it ; ) I just cook the chicken, cut it up, mix it with cream of chicken soup(2 cans) add carrots and peas and a little chicken boulion and pour it into a pillsbury pie crust and bake for 1hr.....yum! the kids love it and it's easy....good luck = )


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - February 2

I made hot wings cheddar mashed potatoes and green beans. The hot wings and potatoes were homeade but the beans were out of a can.


Ginger - February 2

Spaghetti Sunday night, beef tips and rice on MOnday (put the tips in crockpot w/ pack of Onion Soup mix while at work) then make 5 min. rice. Deli pizza Tuesday, Wednesay - chicken and dumplings (make w/ Bisquick...it has recipe on back


MistyC - February 2

boneless pork chops cut into little pieces and added to cream of mushroom soup. or chicken cut up into pieces and added to yellow rice. yummy. boil chicken gizzards until they're tender then fry them and add spaghetti sauce and white rice.


hi - February 2

fry hamburger, add taco seasoning mix. Mix in bowl with Nacho Cheese Chips (Doritos), add taco toppings like tomato, lettuce, black olives, refried beans, etc.


amb - February 2

cajun chicken pasta: 2 jars of alfredo sauce any kind of pasta as much creole seasoning as you like chicken b___sts cook chicken in frying pan with olive oil and creole seasonings. cook pasta. mix sauce with pasta and some more creole seasonings , after chicken cooks. either cut up and put into pasta or whole b___sts whole. i usually cook garlic bread with this and it take maybe 25-35 mins for it all to be done


Kaeli - February 2

Dinner? I don't remember the last time I had it.. Well yes I do, about 25 days ago... (before my son was born) lol... Well unless a bag of mini carrots or some yogurt counts!! Sorry, Maddox's daddy has been working nights lately... I am kinda frustrated, had to vent!! I feel better now!! : )


karine - February 2

last night was sheppard's pie, the night before was chicken with mash potato's and gravy with a can of mixed veggies, tuesday was, oven steak, stir fry and ceasar salad, today we are eating small as we are going shopping, sandwich, macaroni salad & soup, and saturday is pizza night!LOL


Sarah-Natalees mama - February 2

Last night no-bake ziti, night before chicken and rice, and tonight is sausage w/ red beans and rice.


melissa mama to taylor - February 2

Egg salad sandwiches! Simple, yet yummy and a nice change.


Eryn @ MN - February 2

I didn't make this but I saw it in a book and want to try it. You make mac and cheese as you would normally. Then you mix in some salsa and put it in the oven for a few minutes to get warm. You can also add hamburger to it. Maybe it doesn't sound good... Am I pregnant again?!!


jg - February 2

I didn't make this but it is super easy. Cook 500grams chicken b___st (cubed), add 1 jar of salsa, then 1 small container of cream cheese and stir until the cheese is melted. That's it! It is soooooo yummy. Serve with rice, pasta or potato - so easy!!


Heather - February 3

Tonight we are having meatloaf (dd#1 has been begging for it!!! - strange!) with homemade mashed potatoes and fresh green beans (they're the best!) - Last night was sandwich night (our 2 - almost 3 year old had dance!)


tiffani - February 3

Fajita's on Monday, Chicken Stir Fry on Tuesday, Enchilada's on Wednesday, Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup on Thursday, and tonight we're having Greek Salad with seasoned chicken on top. I'm making cherry - peach cobbler for dessert. Tomorrow it's Tuna ca__serole, and Sunday it's pizza for the kids and the babysitter, and a Superbowl party for Chris and I. :o)


CEM - February 3

This week we've had curried meatb___s with rice, fresh homemade buns with liverwurst and fresh vegetables, vegetarian pasta with tomato sauce, tuna steaks (canned tuna) and red cabbage salad (with feta, corn, coconut), and spaghetti and meat sauce.


Christy - February 3

Turkey/chicken suasages in rolls with redskin potatoes and green beans.



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