OT Disney World Vacation

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Brandi - January 16

We are planning a trip to Disney World in April and I was wondering who has been and which of the parks you think are the most fun for your family. I was considering Animal Kingdom, but if it's just like any other zoo, that's a long trip for just that. My son will be a year and daughter will be 7, so any tips on Florida fun is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


lucienne78 - January 16

I think that Magic Kingdom is definitely most fun for the kids, but so are all of the parks. Magic Kingdom is definitely the most "magical" though. How long are you going for?


ConnorsMommy - January 16

are you just going to one of the parks?.. I don't know what the weather is like in Florida in april.. but my favorites were always the water parks (typhoon lagoon and blizzard beach) and would be perfect for the whole family because they've got a baby/toddler area for your son.. and since your daughter will be 7, she can pretty much ride all the slides.... anyway, magic kingdom is pretty fun.. I never really liked it because it's just like disneyland.. the animal kingdom is different from the zoo.. but it's not really a memorable place.. I've been to disney world 4 times and the only thing i can remember from that park was taking a picture in front of the big tree and the walking "trees"... so.. definitely go to the magic kingdom especially if you all haven't been to disneyland =) .. epcot would be too boring for the kids and they're probably too young for MGM..


rl- - January 16

well I live in Fl about an hour and half away from Disney and really if you want my opinion I think it is very over rated Busch Gardens is way better it is just a nicer park and the whole area is alot less touristy you could go to both places they are not that far apart but just let me know if you have any other questions I have lived in Fl all my life LOL been most every where here LOL


rl- - January 16

oh and Tampa where Busch Gardens is there is a great water park Adventure Island Like I said I am more for the Tampa theme parks have never cared much for Disney it is very pricey and just not what ya think really....Cypress Gardens is really good too for the younger kids you can check these places out on the internet they all have web sites!!


rl- - January 16

one more thing the weather in fla is always good if it rains it is usually in the late afternoon!!


Shea - January 16

We really liked Magic Kingdom, it really has something for all ages. My stepsons were 9 & 14 when we went and they had a ball. We have regular season pa__ses to a theme park here, so I wasn't sure if they would like it, but it was a hit. My mom lives an hour away so we are planning with our ds on only doing one park at a time, and probably not for a few years yet. One thing if you like the beach, Clearwater is not far, 2hs maybe and is a really nice beach for young kids, clear blue water & pretty calm. Cocoa Beach is closer, on the east coast side, but is stronger waves & surf - better for teens. I haven't been to Busch Gardens myself, but my brother didn't really like it, but probably because we grew up around Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and he was expecting the same type of thing and it apparently is not similar at all. One of the best things we have done is Homossa Springs State Wildlife Park. It's a bit out of the way, but it has a really cool manatee area and lots of other animals. It is probably too far out of the way from Disney, but if you are ever in that area, check it out.



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