OT Does Anyone Know Of A Good Weight Loss Site

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lacy - February 19

I would love to find a support group. I don't even really know how to set up a good 'diet'.


asdf - February 19

go to weight watchers i am and it works well


Katie - February 19

http://www.sparkpeople.com/myspark/loginpage.asp?whereFrom=mysparkstart.asp Joined last week have a look its great!


Katie - February 19

www.sparkpeople.com sorry this is what you need to put in the address bar.let me know if it is useful to you.Good luck


JB - February 20

I've been on weight watchers since I gave birth I've lost my pregancy weight plus 15 pounds. I do ww online. There is Community post like this one. I think it's great.


Bonnie - February 20

Definately WW, it's a nice versatile one.


pbj - February 20

I've been doing ww as well...it's very easy to follow and I've lost 12lbs since the second week of Jan. I also cheated some too. My dh does not need to diet, but I prepare a lot of recipes that are from ww and he thinks they're reaaly good.


JB - February 20

Yeah, like pbj said, my husband ask is this a ww recipe? I've got some great and easy recipes from ww.


kimj - February 20

how much are you guys spending on this prodram and is it true they have a diet for bf moms??


nic nac - February 20

i used to use ww before my pregnancy (about 2 year prior). after awhile i got off and tried to go back on and it didn't work anymore. so now after birth, i am on south beach online. this works well for me. WW is a good choice too!


Nick - February 20

i have had a gym membership for the last 6 years and have done hour long workout tapes since I was 12, but now that is all impossible! I found this web site that has pictures of all kinds of strength training moves. When I get a chance I can bring up an excercise and take 5 minutes to do it, since that is all the time I can take at one time. http://exercise.about.com/?once=true&


pbj - February 21

kimj...they do have a program for bf moms as well.



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