OT Extreem Makeover Home Addition

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DeeJay - March 9

Ok, usually I don't post this OT, but they are doing an extreem makeover home addition on a house near me, and in the morning paper it had the story of the "deserving family" Well, maybe its just me but I don't think that they are that deserving at all. The reason is where I live we have major termite problems, and when you purchase a house you get a termite inspection. Cost about 60-80 bucks. Well this woman didn't feel like forking out the cash and the house she bought was condemned because it was literly being eaten by termites. Well, to me that is your own fault. I am sure there were more needy families who fell on hard luck through no fault of their own that deserve this more. Am I being overly harsh? I guess this just PO'ed me. I just bought a house and I did all the inspections. If she had done what she should have, she would have known not to purchase the house. Oh well, guess I'll drive by anyway to watch, they are tearing it down at 9:30. Should be neat to see anyway. I hope she takes care of the house after she gets it.


jilly01 - March 9

No I can say I am with you on this one. I was just saying the other day they will just do a house for anyone. We have some issues so maybe I should call up and see if we can get one. They have stoped doing them for people that truly need them and are just doing houses.


SonyaM - March 9

I have to say I have seen a few shows myself where I thought the same. Hopefully these people will "pay it forward".


Shea - March 9

I would a__sume that they look at the application tapes and decide based on who they think will make the best tv, not really on who deserves it. It's not a non-profit organization, they need ratings to keep their advertisers. I know someone that got a house (not extreme makover, but I think the show was 3 wishes?) anyway, she did not apply, but was nominated by someone because her husband was killed in Iraq. They did so many things that were supposed to be "in rememberance of her husband" but I think it was really designed to get her to cry for the camera, kindof sick actually. I like Extreme Makover really just because I think its' neat the things they do in the house, and how quickly they do it. I also like Ty...;)


luviduvi - March 9

Well, there are always people who take advantage while there are the true needy still waiting for their break. Its a big problem in the U.S. IMO


rl- - March 9

yeah I agree.... they did a house near where I live and the family lived near an airport and a plane wrecked into their home and they were in the process of doing a refinace or something and for some reason had no homeowners insurance coverage but these people have alot of money they live in a very pricey area and alot of people in my area were upset about this cause they had several houses so it was not like this was their only one and plus when they re-did the house they made it just huge and alot nicer than what is was alot thought these people did not deserve it as well. I saw the pics in the local paper they did a big story on them and you should have seen their kids looked like spoiled little brats standing there in their big new home.



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