OT Fleas I M Going Crazy

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Rhiannon - January 13

Hi. I have 3 cats. (I know, too many, but blame my dh). Somehow they have fleas. They are indoor cats so I have no idea how they got them. Does anyone have any good advice on how to get rid of them? I don't want too many poisons in my house because of the babies. But I'm going nuts. I have bites all over my legs. My dh has nothing, neither does my brother who lives in squalor in my basement. They both think I am crazxy, but I have seen many. Help!!!!


Lisastar9 - January 13

care2.com/channels/solutions/pets/828.. found this hope it helps seems like a bit of work goodluck.


lindsay - January 14

well, i hate to say it, but if they are that bad, you will probably need to call the orkin man : ( my friend had fleas really bad and it was a huge fiasco to get rid of them. but first i would say , bathe your cats (fleas drown) to try and eliminate as many as you can and immediately(once dry) treat with advantage...DON"T waste your $$ on otc stuff, it doen't work...you should see significant improvement with flea volume on your cats within a couple of days with advantage. plus, it sterilizes the fleas when they bite the animal so no more eggs, the most important part. (you should just be able to go to your vet and get it, no need to take the cats as long as at least 1 of them is in the vet's computer system--it's about $12 for 1 tube which lasts 1 month). wash everything you can and more importantly, dry, because dryer heat for 30 minutes kills eggs. this is everything i did along with compulsive vacc_ming and scrubbing my carpets, and i never did have to call the orkin man, but i caught the problem early on...if you have an infestation in your carpet, you probably will have to bomb...good luck , i know it sucks...


lindsay - January 14

i should also add, my son was riddled with flea bites and none of the rest of us were, but i clearly had fleas. i think some people have a reaction to the saliva and others don't...


soon2bemomof3 - January 14

we had this problem a few years ago when my dd was an infant. we confined the cats to one room and shampooed the carpets with flea shampoo (walmart, target) and vac_mmed the whole house, furniture, everything then we of course took the cats to get flea dipped and then while they were getting that done we did the same thing to the room they were confined too. It helped but it took awhile to get all the fleas so we vacuumed everyday to make sure we were getting eggs and all. I know it's alot of work but we haven't had a problem since.


austinsmom - January 15

I use frontline plus for cats and cannot say enough how wonderful it is. We had fleas in the house and tried everthing. We bombed (this was before lo), we sprayed, we bathed the cat etc and even had the local pest people over to spray but they still kept coming back and our cat is strickly inside as well. Get some of that frontline plus it is in a tube and it goes on the back of the neck between shoulder blades you can go on the internet and get it a WHOLE lot cheaper than going to the vet. Vacuum lots after that and your problem will be fixed within a week and keep that stuff on your cats and you will never have another problem. I can say it has worked for me now for 2 years and my house has NO more fleas.


Rhiannon - January 15

Thanks for your advice. I am going nuts. I guess I am one of those people who are sensitive to the bites. It also doesn't help that I am home all of the time. We gave the little fur jerks a bath yesterday and I used some spray when the girls went to bed. I will order some frontline. I tried that last year and it fixed the problem in no time. Well, thanks again.


jenn95 - January 16

i don't have any advice for you becuase i don't have pets but i know once we had fleas becuase of my mother inlaws dog and it was horrible!!!!! you must treat it immediately! they could get on the babies and in the beds and to make a long story short, get rid of them!!!!! good luck to you !


BreaunasMommy - January 16

I would highly recommend frontline it works great. Along time ago we a puppy who we didnt know had fleas and she gave them to our other pets and it was aweful. We got frontline and it was great. Also if they are that bad you can get a pill from your vet and give it to each cat and it will immediately kill the fleas that are on the cat and I think the eggs to cant remember. But frontline works great. Good luck!


Kelly K - January 16

I recommend Frontline as well. It works great. Also what will help is to bath the cats in Dawn liquid (just a small amount). For some reason it WORKS. It will kill the fleas and eggs. Then after their bath put Frontline on them. It kills eggs as well.


Rhiannon - January 16

I'm going to order some frontline from ebay tonight. It's weird. I'm in Canada and I found this perfect website called canadapharmacy, but they don't sell to canadians. I saw a flea crawling on Elora today and I nearly puked. She had no idea, and of course moved before I could kill the b___d. It was an awful sight. At least the cats stay out of thier room and they don't seem to be allergic like me if they have been bitten.


lexa - January 16

Yikes....fleas! I too am one of those people that get bit up royally by those things. I absolutely swear by Advantage for my cats! My dog got them a couple of years ago...which spread to my cats (I have 2) and then I got them in the house of course. I bought Frontline for my dog (because it does ticks also and she goes outside) and Advantage for the cats. It is absolutely the best stuff ever invented (both are great). Not only does it treat the animals, but it kills them where they go (carpets/bedding etc.). It is a little pricey compared to the stuff they sell in Walmart (Hartz), but it works wonders. You can also buy the carpet powders for fleas that you vacuum, but again with the toxins. Frontline/Advantage is safe for all family members! Trust me, it works. I treat them starting March until end of Oct and never had a problem since again! Good luck!



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