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momma0710 - January 31

When I was 8ish one of our neighbors found a new born baby in the park by our home, she was wrapped in a dish towel only (this is mid-sept in Seattle which means fairly warm days cold nights) the woman came and grabbed my mom because she was unsure what to do (she was a drunk) my mom checked the awake but not moving baby for injuries and then scoped her up in a blanket and brought her home to our house to call 911, when the ambulance arrived the EMT had no clue what to do with this little one (they wanted to put her in a box!!) keep in mind this was a long time ago and leaving babies wasn't nearly as common as it is now! Around this time I came downstairs to see what was going on and when i saw the baby I looked at my mom and said "I didn't even know you were pregnant!" Well my mom rode in the ambulance holding the baby because the box idea almost made my mom barf! The baby was perfectly fine, but if that neighbor had walked a different way, or had my mom not been outside it could have been a very tragic ending. When the memory hit me I just held my healthy baby girl and cried, the thought of her (or any baby) being left on a cold park path alone, hungry, cold and confused, not to mention how sad it is that these women go through life's most wonderful experiance and they are so far removed from it they have no attachment is beyond sad! Anyway I just wanted to share this story, i can't belive i put it so far back in my head that i almost forgot about it!! Love those babies every chance you get!!!!


momma0710 - February 1



Rabbits07 - February 1

Wow! I wonder what ever happened to that baby?


Erynn21 - February 1

Do you still live in Seattle? I live in Washington and on the Seattle news last night was an awful story about a mother who was in a drunken stupor and because of it 2 of her 3 children died, one was 6wks and one was 18 months, it made me so sick they starved to death. Anyway the oldest(who was a little over 2)survived by scavenging for food. She cannot be put on trial because she is in a mental inst_tution. I just cannot imagine someone being so drunk(they found 300 beer cans in the room). I felt the same way I just looked at my dd and couldn't believe someone could be so messed up, I couldn't imagine those poor little boys crying, it really broke my heart. Sorry I just had to get this off my chest it has been driving me crazy thinking about it. I just love my dd so much, I just am glad she has a safe and wonderful home, but it makes me feel so terrible for all those poor children who don't. I hope that little girl got a wonderful, happy loving home. Sorry I went off, I just felt so awful after seeing that and this made me think of it.


momma0710 - February 1

Yes I do still llive in Seattle... I missed that story on the news (thank god) my heart breaks everytime i see one of those stories!!


ash2 - February 1

Amazing story...i know now they have in SC where they pa__sed a law that it is legal to bring a baby to the hospital and walk out...no questions asked. Also if you have a baby in teh hospita and walk out, there is no questions asked and it is not illegal anymore. I think it is great.


mandee25 - February 1

Omg those poor little souls. Imagine how messed up they may end up because of their incompetent selfish "mother". I hope the surviving child ends up in a wonderful, loving home and can overcome this.


Hana - February 1

Oh my thats such a sad story. Stories about babies really hurt me...i never felt like this before..i think becoming a parent has made me very sensitive..anyway i came across this this morning and nearly cried and seriously wanted to tear this nurse's hair out: news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/6319439.stm


ash2 - February 1

OMG, hana, that is so sad. Those nurses should have tape put over their mouths to see how they like it !


momma0710 - February 2

ash2~ we have that law here to a hospital or firestation, however you still hear of these girls putting them in horrible places. RThey told us the little girl was adopted fairly quick but they couldn't give us any more info after that they left it up to her new parents if they wanted to contact us with anything...we got a couple letters and pictures until she was about 4. Hana I know what you mean, i cry about stuff like that all the time...hormones all over the place!!


lexa - February 2

Thank gooness your mother was available at that time! If that happened now (we found a baby), I don't think I could give it up:-( Id want to keep it myself! I wonder if that poor innocent baby found a good home to go to! Some people!!!


lexa - February 2

OHMG, Hana, I just saw what you had posted...that is so horrible! To do that to an innocent baby. It said they were orphans, as if those poor babies didn't have it bad already. Not only do they not have a loving warm home to go to, but they get stuck with "nurse ratchett"! Thats ridiculous!!!



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