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piratesmermaid - February 22

So ya'll know that I'm completely terrified of storms. Well, I dunno if any of you have checked out weather.com recently, but there's a KILLER thunderstorm heading our way in Arkansas this Saturday. The meterologists say it could be another deadly tornado outbreak like Florida had the beginning of this month, and the gulf coast had a week or so ago. I am planning on spending the entire day in the bathtub with Gretchen (no water). We're on the second floor of a 3story apartment building at the top of a hill. Any suggestions on how I could keep Gretchen safe and myself sane during this stormy time????


SonyaM - February 22

Will they open up any shelters for the storm? Is there anyone you can stay with that lives closer to the ground?? You poor thing. I know how you feel, beings scared of something that you have no control over. My dh just told me today that he has to go on a business trip in July and I am alrady panicking. I HATE being alone. I am scared to death to stay here without him. I think I might beg my mom to come stay with me. How pathetic is that???? I'll pray the storm goes around you! {{{HUGS}}}


piratesmermaid - February 22

No, we know no one here. I don't think they're opening up shelters. I haven't heard anything anyway. Oh God, I almost throw up just looking at the map....and the shaded red area for severe weather.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - February 22

CALM DOWN!!! I have lived here all of my life and we will get tornados but it usually hits other places that are not so widely populated (not sure why) but places like Beebe, Rose Bud, Searcy, Heber Springs, Benton, etc. You could ask your complex manager what they normally do, or the safest room to be in if something happens. In Arkansas we have the tornado sirens and since you live in city limits, you should be able to hear them if they go off. Hallways and interior rooms are always the safest rooms, if you are in the bathroom, and things get bad, get a twin size mattress (or Gretchen's crib mattress might work too) to put over you. Anyway, CALM DOWN!! Things will be ok! Email me if you want my cell number and you can come to my house!!! ha ha


piratesmermaid - February 22

Hi!! It's good to here from you, Stephanie! :) Thanks for the advice, so much. I'll call the management office tomorrow. Yeah, we can here the sirens, every first Wednesday at noon. ;) It's hard to believe we've been here in AR for almost 5months. According to hubby's boss, we'll be heading back up to WY in 2weeks. It was nice while we were here though, we skipped all that horrid snow/blizzard conditions up there.


eclipse - February 23

In the meantime, get a weather radio and keep yourself informed-the cells could completely miss you. I grew up in Tennessee and Iowa and now live just miles from where the tornadoes hit in Florida so am very familiar. The good thing about tornadoes is that there is warning that a storm is coming and usually you can tell a severe storm with potential. The bathroom and interior hallways are the way to go, put blankets down and cover with pillows and a mattress. But find your happy place, keep a radio with you, and don't bring on stress-it may not even go near you.


Kara H. - February 23

Maybe you could spend the hours when the storms are supposed to come at a mall. The salon I work at is located in a mall and we usher everone into our cement block and steal stair well. I know the mall at next town over has a formal tornado shelter. At least you will be on ground level. I live in Indiana which is at the end of tornado alley and I have yet to actually see one. In fact the last few times our sirens have went off I have just kept working on whatever client was in my chair. We are across the street from the fire department so the firemen are in our salon a lot. They said a tail-tale sign that a tornado is forming in if the wind starts b__wing (or getting sucked) TOWARDS the stom instead of away from it. Since our salon is on the west side of the mall, I know as long as I hear the wind against the side of our building, no tornado is coming our way. If I have didn't hear the wind hitting the building, I would move my b___t to the stair well.


Rabbits07 - February 23

My sil is terrified of storms as well. She use to always go to the hospital to one of their inner waiting rooms when it stormed. She said she couldn't see or hear he storm from in there and for some reason she just felt safer there. (Not sure with it being flu season if you'd really want to spend much time at the hospital though.) My mom used to be scared of storms as well and always hung blankets over the windows and made my sister and I get in the bed and cover up until it was over. My mom is no longer scared of storms since she and my dad divorced. Incidentally, my sil was married to my father before she became my sil and it was after marrying him that she began having those fears. They are now divorced though and unlike my mom she is still afraid. Have you always been afraid of storms?


ashtynsmom - February 23

Not to hijack this thread... but Rabbits... you SIL was once your step mom? Was she married to your dad, and then your brother?? I am confused!


piratesmermaid - February 23

Yeah, I've been afraid of storms for as long as I can remember. It drives my hubby insane because of how irrational he feels my fear is. He grew up in West Texas, so he's completely comfortable around tornadoes. Kara, that's good information to know!! Thanks! And Rabbits, I don't quite understand it either, but I'm with your sil, if I can't see or hear the storm, I feel safer. Even when I was younger I would shut myself in the bathroom or my mom's closet with all the pets (that's 3cats and 1dog at one time) and I would have a book, and I would read to distract me. Or try to fall asleep. Now I'm more scared because I have to keep Gretchen safe too. So I'm scared for me and her. (Hubby can take care of himself, haha, j/k)


rl- - February 23

I am thinking her sil is dh sister........and she married her dad that sounds better than her sil being married to her dad and her brother that would be kinda strange no offense rabbits if I am wrong about her being your dh sister ( :


Emily - February 23

I don’t mean to make light of your fears, but I am upset cause they changed our forcast from T-storms to Winter weather advisery! I am bumbed. I love thunderstorms but of course am a little freaked when there are tornado warnings going along with it. I have never actually seen one but we have had several touch down here in my area the past several years. I am so ready for T-storms. I like them, as long as they don’t turn too bad and threat of a tornado. I am bummed about the posibility of more snow and ice. I will trade you places for this weekend! A kinda strange story, when I was a senoir in college, my sister was a sophomore in a college right across the Mississippi river from me. We were on our way home from the town my college was located, heading away from some thunderstorms. We were talking about all the building on our college campus. We came up with hers had three more buildings than did mine. When we got home we learned that a tornado had hit her campus and destroyed three buildings. It would have happened about the same time or shortly after we talked about it…..Rabbits I can not imagine anyone wanting to spend time in a hospital waiting room, flu season or not. Maybe it is because with my family, I have spent way too much time in hospitals anyways…...


piratesmermaid - February 23

Yeah, yeah, Emily! Let's switch! :D You're a couple states north of us, aren't you? So it's the same storm system....


Emily - February 23

it's not fair we are suposed to have cold front come through and turn your tornado produceing T-storms into a winter weather advisory. and yes I am in IL....


aurorabunny - February 23

Oh god Pirates, here in MO you know I am right in the same d__n boat as you and you already know how I feel about it....I didn't think we were quite gonna have to deal with all this stuff yet! I already told my mil that Saturday might be the first night of the year that we all spend the night in her bas____nt. Any friends houses that have bas____nts that you could stay at during the day at all??


piratesmermaid - February 23

No, no bas____nts. :( We have some at home in WY where there's a blizzard at the moment.


piratesmermaid - February 23

I called the management office and they basically said cdZCs(whoops, Gretchen found the laptop) Basically said what ya'll have told me, bas____nt, lowest level, bathroom, we have sirens listen for 'em, etc. etc. I just hope and pray that it'll go around us! At least the worst of it. THey're also forcasting up to a inch diameter hail. Fun fun.



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