OT Gained Weight On Weight Watchers

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DeeJay - January 28

I just started WW one week age, ( i did this years ago and it worked really well) Anyway, I ate salads and very healthy all week, stuck to my points exactly, and didn't cheat. and I GAINED .8lbs!!!!! WTF!!!! I starved all week!!! I am having problems with my depo, unusaul periods so I hope it is just bloating but man, I needed some encouragment to keep going, now I am p___sed and want to eat a house.... a chocolate covered house!!!!! But, since I am booking a trip to Jamaica today I will try to keep going, I have until April to get in a bathing suit. SO fustrating!!!!!!


mandee25 - January 28

Aww that sucks! You diet to lose weight, not gain it. Maybe it is the depo. Sorry I have no good advice but I sympathize. Losing weight is tough!


vicky9989 - January 28

Im on weight watchers and i weighed myself after 2 weeks and i hadnt lost anything! then i waited a bit longer and weighed myself and i lost a few pounds! i really think its best if you dont weigh yourself weekly, i try for monthly!xx


vanja10 - January 28

DeeJay - are you exercising? if you are, it's possible that you're gaining muscle (which weights more than fat) therefore you didn't lose any weight.. but a week is too early to see any improvements. like vicky said, do it every couple of weeks or a month.. Usually when i go on a weight loss program, I go by calories rather than points, because by cutting 3500 calories a week (either by eating less or working out) you lose one lb of fat. and DEPO, get off of that please!! I had a horrible time with that, I was on it for 5 years, gained 30 lbs, went from being active to depressed, it was horrible. Once i got off of it, it took me a year to concieve and once this baby comes out (in 4 weeks) I am so going on a nice diet.. :) but i will never go on depo again.. it was very convinient, no periods, but side effects are horrible.


aurorabunny - January 28

WOW---This totally sucks. I just typed you out a VERY long response and it didn't post. URGGGH Frustrating. Lemme try it again. I've been in a similar boat as you lately. I've been on WW for 8 weeks now, and the past couple weeks I have been gaining 2 lbs. a week despite working my b___t off. I was staying strictly in my points, using no extra points, and exercising for an hour every day. When I kept gaining, I went to the doctor and got diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and found out that's why I'm having trouble---because my hormones are all screwed up. Not saying that you have that disease, but with your depo shot problems---hormones affect EVERYTHING, especially weight loss. Also, last week since I took my leader's advice to relax on my diet, use all my extra points, and stop exercising for a week. I didn't stress and just kind of took it easy---I lost 4 lbs! If you stress constantly about losing weight and just always are thinking about it, your body can produce added cortisol which actually can prevent you from losing. So your next coming up week, relax a little and use some of your extra points. If you're really craving something, eat it and kick start your metabolism. Lastly---careful what you eat/drink on your weigh-in day. Stay away from a lot of sodium and don't chug any coffee or diet soda as caffeine can bloat you a lot. Sorry so long, just didn't want you to give up or feel alone---I know it's honestly crushing to give 100% and see no results...weigh ins have been making me actually cry lately!! Hope something works for you, keep me updated and good luck!!


shelly - January 28

deejay thats so frustrating, the only time i gained with ww was when i wasnt eating enough points, sounds crazy lol [also when i was eating to many as well] i agree with vanja remember putting on weight with the depo,maybe with the bloating,i didnt like depo either for the same reasons as vanja. but ive always found with ww i see a difference after 4 days if ive stuck to it, but if youve stuck to it must be the depo keep at it ,it l be worth it when ur sunning yourself in jamaica lol.


Kara H. - January 28

Have you had your thyroid checked since you have had your baby? It is really common to develop thryroid problems after a baby. Mine is "transitioning" according to my internalist. They ratio between the different types of hormones is off so the know they are changing, just not sure if they were off and are going back in line, or if they were in line and now going off. I am being retested in a month. I have a low metabolism and WW is just too many calories for me. I won't loose on their system. I almost think that if you are just a *little bit* over weight, it is not the right plan for you. The more you way, the more calories you expend just moving around during the day since every move is like weight lifting. Think about how much a 30lb bag of kitty litter or softener salt weighs - hard to believe we all carried that everyday while pregnant! South Beach will work better for those who just have 20lbs or so to lose. Don't get me wrong, it works great for people who have alot to lose too - in fact they will see a huge weight loss the first week or so - but the overall calories are lower so it will take off weight on someone who doesn't have that much to lose or suffers from a low metabolism.


Kara H. - January 28

I meant "the more you weigh..."


mcatherine - January 28

Losing weight is tough - sorry that it isn't happening as fast as you'd like. I am not a fan of WW. I don't think a low fat/high carb plan is very effective for a majority of women - especially those with hormonal issues. WW has a core plan - have you looked into that? There are several women here that follow that plan. I am a big advocate of South Beach Diet, too. Plus - they are easier to follow. No counting. Eat this. Don't eat that. Period. Also, they both help with those of us that tend to bloat (like grandmas..lol) and carry a lot of water weight. If you're lifting weights- then it could also be that you have created some lean muscle ma__s - which would prevent the figure on the scale from moving at first (but you would notice the fat loss in the fit of your clothes). Like everyone else - I also tend to agree that the Depo shot can be a killer. My sister couldn't lose any weight at all until she went off of it. Remember that exercise is the most important thing! Good luck and have a great time in Jamaica!!


DeeJay - January 29

Thanks everyone for replying I had a really tough emotional day yesterday and the weight gain didn't help. aurorabunny, they thought I had POS prior to concieving, and I didn't concieve till 2 years of being off DEPO. My periods were very messed up when I came off depo and now still are. I went back on depo because when I was on it for 8 years it was great. (just coming off sucked) but nowit is not working and I have had bleeding for 5 months (since I had lo). So i have to go get blood work and an ultrasound. So I guess that could be affecting the weight issue. Its also funny my leader said the same thing about using ALL the points, because I was so into counting and being carefull I didn't use every point and she said you can actually gain that way. As for the south beach I did that one time and it is a good plan but I really did better on WW (before this time). Anyway thank you all again, I really needed to talk yesterday and dh just doesn't get what you go through being pregnant and trying to get back to what you were before, he just says eat less, and exercise, yeh its just that simple!!!! lol!!



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