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tiphanai - January 31

Wondering if anyone can recommend a good Health Insurance Company. I'm Canadian so I have absolutely no concept of having to shop for health insurance. In Canada, when you get sick you go to the hospital and they fix you - end of story. My fiance in American and while I'm having my baby in Canada (family is here and it's free!), we are going to go back to Atlanta when baby is a few months old. My fiancee is self-employed and currently his health care for just himself costs $250/month. After briefly looking at plans for the 3 of us, i'm getting quotes of $500-$600. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good provider? It just feels kind of weird to shop for health insurance like I'm shopping for a baby stroller or something. Trying to make sure there's good coverage if we need an operation, I get pregnant etc. Any help is greatly appreciated!!


piratesmermaid - January 31

Hahahahahahahahah! Sorry, I JUST DID THIS!! I absolutely hated my health insurance and I had to stop payment to they would stop charging and EGH, anyway, so I went through the medicaid website and clicked on other options and filled out an online form and the health insurance companies contacted ME! I think I'm going to go with a__surant Health. :)


tiphanai - February 1

hmmm, any chance you have that link handy piratesmermaid? I went to the Medicaid site but couldn't find it. thanks :)


piratesmermaid - February 1

ehealthinsurance.com/ehi/Alliance?allid=Goo18811&sid=INDIVIDUAL+040406+1 ........... this is another website as well. Whatever state you're going to be moving too, check that state specific medicaid site, just google medicaid and the state. But if you can fill out onee of those applications, more than one insurance company should contact you.


piratesmermaid - February 1

take out the - between the Goo18811


Shea - February 1

It's really not so much about the company, as the plan. The best and most economical way to get health isurance for self-employed is usually to go through a trade a__sociation. Shopping for independent health insurance is probably not going to result in much, as most of the good plans are group insurance plans. But a trade a__sociation can often get you into a group plan. I work for a small company (less than 20 people) and we get ours that way. I am of course extreamly lucky, as my company pays 100% of our premiums, so I don't know how much they pay, but the insurance is pretty good. $15 office visits, $1500 max out of pocket. My pregnancy cost about $1200 total, and the office visits I only had to pay a copay on the first visit. There are also some insurance agents, not a lot, but some that work with people needing independent insurance.


tiphanai - February 1

thanks girls! I'm going to check out both of these options



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