OT Grey S Will Meredith Live Or Die

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mandee25 - February 16

Who thinks she will live and who thinks she will die? I think she will live. She has to!!! lol I need a life. I really love this show.


mcatherine - February 16

I think she'll live. I have to say that the writers are probably getting raises for this storyline - everyone I know is talking about whats gonna happen and can't wait to see it!!


ry - February 16

I am confused because they keep saying "someone is going to die, for good, and not come back". At first they just said "someone ( a main character) is going to die" so I thought oh yeah, they will probably have Merideth flatline then they'll bring her back now I dont know. Although I really cant see Ellen Pompeo leaving the show when it is so successful and it is centered around her...Maybe Burke will die becasue of his contraversy, but I hope not, him and Christina are my favorite (the only two non-whiney people on the show other than Bailey lol). But there also could have been a little foreshadowing that something could happen to Addison because of the whole "if I died would anyone notice speach".....who knows. I cant believe we have to wait a week to find out and it hasnt leaked that a character is rumored to leave the show!


bchflwr - February 16

I think she is going to live. They can't kill her off. Ry, I love the show but think except Bailey they are all whiney and selfish characters. I do find it hard to relate to any of them (except maybe Bailey) but am drawn to the show for some reason!


torbman - February 16

I missed it lastnight, what happened?


Brittany - February 16

She'll live, shes a main character. I think alot of viewers would be extremely mad if she died and the show wouldn't get high ratings anymore. Thats just my opinion though. I LOVE the show, I don't want anyone to die lol! When I was younger, I forgot who told me this but they said, in the US, story writers RARELY kill off main characters or the "good guys" in movies and shows, we're so used to that, so I don't think she'll die.


torbman - February 16

oh right she fell off in the water. Anything else happen?


Kara H. - February 16

I don't know - I have seen everyone else but her doing the talk show rounds promoting show except for her. You never know, she may think that there are bigger and better things out there for her now that she has been on a sucessful show. If she does live, I am going to be slightly annoyed since it will be similar to her scare last year when she thought she was going to die then almost did! (gasp!) So if she lives its going to feel a little played out. You never know, it could be George that dies. Since he's not a hot s_x symbol he used to be before he was "outed" (please note a tone of sarcasm).


mcatherine - February 16

torbman - she was dying (flatline) after 20 mintues of them trying to save her. At the end she woke up and the bomb guy and Denny were there and she asked if she was dead and Denny said yes. You can watch it online at abc.com


melissa g. - February 16

i read on E! that whoever is going to die is someone "you would never think they could possibly kill off" -- i think maybe its Meredith! i would be fine with that -- i love everyone EXCEPT her!


Smilefull - February 16



Nita_ - February 16

Meredith can't die! She's the shows main character. I vote for "she'll live"


Smilefull - February 16

i think she should die just because holy drama----she'll probably stick around on voice over like the suicide women from desperate housewives


Jenn2 - February 16

I for sure think she will live. She is a big reason the show has been so successful. Just like one or two of you mentioned. I think Addison would be the one to leave. She does not add that much to the show anymore.


Kena - February 16

OMG! I love Addison. She can't die b/c her and Alex are going to hook up. Maybe it will be Burke b/c of the whole gay slurr. But I really don't think Meredith is going to die, after all it is "Grey's Anatomy"


Smilefull - February 17

I love Addison too---she's gorgeous, and smart---and yeah--she and Alex are so heading for a hook up--or it seems that everyone is getting married on Grey's


mandee25 - February 17

Maybe it will be the Chief because he is divorcing his wife and retiring. You never know! The writers sure know how to keep you watching.



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