OT Gross Severe Mommy Brain Moment

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sahmof3 - February 3

OK this is pretty bad! 2 weeks ago I had made brownies for church. The next day was Leah's b-day party, so I put the leftover brownies out of sight (in the cupboard of my kitchen island). I mean they are brownies... I'm definitely not going to forget I put them there the first time I have a chocolate craving, right? Wrong!!!! I am again taking brownies to church this week... I just went to get my 13x9 pan to bake them and found the old ones. So gross lol. Anyone else doing these crazy things?


lexa - February 3

Oooh, hope you make a fresh batch for church (just kidding, LOL). I do that all the time. Put things somewhere forget where they are at and find them....later! I'd like to think Im not losing my mind. Just that someone else misplaced my things:-) I cant wait until it gets better.


sophandbob - February 3

I do really odd things too. I have been known to put potatoes in the freezer and so forth!!


sahmof3 - February 3

lexa... reduce, reuse, recycle... lol. JK.


lexa - February 3

LOL! At least we are on the same page! It must be something with PA water? :-)


vonzo - February 3

i find my keys in the bathroom all the time....as you do! I think my dh is trying to convince me i'm mad so he can punt me off to a funny farm!


Ca__sJ - February 3

I threw away some silverwear the other day. Just dumped it in the trash not thinking about it. And then later I went back to the sink to put them in the dishwasher and I was like where are the silverwear?


ash2 - February 3

lol, SAHMOF3...


vanja10 - February 4

haha, this is a funny post.. try, i baked some potatoes.... i put them in the oven to stay warm... forgot all about the potatoes.. don't bake very often.. one month later, discovered moldy potatoes... *lol* had to air out the house for a day and scrub the oven clean AND throw out the pan i made the potatoes in.. GROSS!!! Now I bake often.. haha..


Rabbits07 - February 4

I once bought a large family pack of chicken and only needed part of it so I put the other half (raw) into a Tupperware container and put it in the fridge. Apparently, from that day to the next I forgot I had done that and it ended up not getting used....not only that, but it ended up in the bottom of the fridge in the very back. Well, one day my sister is visiting and asks for her Tupperware container back. I search and search and search until finally I remember it. I had cleaned out the fridge numerous times.....like tossing out empty or half empty or old cartons/wrappers and doing wipe downs under all bowls, etc., but every time I wiped under that Tupperware container it never dawned on me that it had been in there for THAT long. I got it out of the fridge and took the lid off and we both about puked! I put the lid back on and trashed it and ordered her another one. She has still never let me forget that!


sahmof3 - February 4

Eww... we are all so gross lol.


melissa g. - February 4

i put the saran wrap in the fridge the other day!



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