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Rabbits07 - February 10

I have long hair...it falls about midways between the top and bottom of my buttocks. I would like to find some ways to style it (without cutting it). It is all one length....not layered. I have been blessed with the feature that my hair is straight if I let it dry naturally, but it holds curl so well that I can mousse and scrunch it while blow drying that people think I have a perm. But, I am getting tired of wearing it just two ways. It's always either curly and down or pinned up with a clip on the back of my head, or straight and down or pinned up with a clip....just not much variety going on. I would like to find some ideas for some different twists to do (nothing off the wall like you see on the runways sometimes though...lol) as well as ideas for it while down. As I said before I want ideas that do not involve cutting (layering included). What do you all do with your hair? Any online sites? I've searched some, but couldn't find anything other than what I already know.


sahmof3 - February 10

Do you know how to french braid? You could do one down the back, or two, like pigtails. I like to pull mine into a ponytail, make a hole at the base of it and pull the whole ponytail through it. It looks really cute that way. I think they have a little instrument that looks like a straight stick with a loop at the top that you manipulate through your hair and get the same effect. It might take you awhile though lol. Mine's only just past my shoulder blades ;-)


Kara H. - February 10

As a hairstylist, I must say that once the hair gets past the small of the back, it does get significantly harder to do it up because of the weight and figuring out where to put it without making you look like Marge Simpson! :) For an easy updo, secure a ponytail high on your head -right wear the top of your head curves into the back of your head. Any lower and the weight of your hair will pull it down - you need the top your head to bear atleast 50% of the weight load for any updo on hair that long. Once you have your ponytail, loosely braid the pony and secure the bottom of the braid with another rubberband - but don't make it super tight. Twist the braid loosely around the base of the pony tail, but also allow it to build up. After you have twisted it, while still holding it with one hand, gently pull on loops of the braid hear and there - it should actually end up looking like an intricate knotted/woven updo instead of a bun. Pin the braid in various locations (probably a lot of pins for your) to secure it to your head. ~ If you want to wear your hair down, but off your face try this one: Section off the hair on the top surface of your head and chip it in a tight knot out of your way. Take about a 1.5 in section of your hair from each side (temple area) and pull it back and secure with bobby pins in the back, right under the bottom of the top section that is clipped out of the way. I like to criss cross the two tails from each side to make it extra secure (those little girl snap barrettes work well for this too.) Basically, you just made a head band out of your own hair. N ow release the top hair you had clipped out of the way. I like to tease the top section with a pick ot wide tooth volume comb. A little teasing will give you a causual sophistcated look, a lot will give you an edgy Gwen Stephani look. Personaly since I'm short, I will always take it high! (this also works on shoulder length hair like mine.) If you want a more sophisticated ponytail. Tease the crown of your hair fairly tightly (since some of it is going to get pulled out when you make your ponytail). Place your pony tail on the center of the back of your head. Thenlift your ponytail up and clip your ponytail to your head about an inch or two above its base. It will give you that same "umph" you get out of twisting it up in a clip, but it will look more sleek and sophisticated and it will stay tight all day.


Rabbits07 - February 10

sahmof3, I can french braid and have actually done my own before, but can you say spaghetti arms?...lol....by the time I get done my arms are so tired they are useless! My sister does the "pull through" pony tail thing. I don't know why I hadn't thought of doing it to my own hair. I think it looks cute, too. Kara, thanks for the ideas! I'll have to print your post so I can read it while I try those ideas out. I hope I can do it myself. I've watched stylists before and I'm always like, "how'd they do that?"


USMC_wife - February 10

Kara....can I come where you are so you can do my hair??? lol. Rabbits, your hair sounds just like mine! However, I am getting it cut on Tuesday. I want to keep most my length(dh likes it long) but I have no idea what to do to it! I think I'm going to get one of those hair style magazines from the store.



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