OT Hard Wood Floors

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Deirdra - February 8

How do you keep your hardwood floors duyst free...i could sweep my floor 10x a day and still get dust up...its so frusterating and DS should be crawling soon...i dont know what to do??


olivia - February 8

i have a dustbuster that I use all day long... we have forced air heat too so it is dust bunny heaven in here. I also had gotten a wool area rug for the kids room that seems to be producing 90% of the dust problems, but it is too cute for me to get rid of.


mcatherine - February 8

We have hardwood in a few rooms. I Swiffer every morning - it's our only option at keeping them dust free. It's certainly eaiser than sweeping!!


krnj - February 8

I use the Swiffer too. I love that thing!


USMC_wife - February 8

I love my swiffer sweep n vac! It is so awesome and picks up all the krud off my hardwood floors. I would seriously do commercials endorsing it for free! That and Mr. Clean magic erasers!


Nita_ - February 8

USMC_wife -- I think it was you who wrote this before on some other post which made me go and buy the swiffer vac and I LOVE it as well!! My regular swiffer thing is just collecting dust in some corner! LOL! Thanks! :)


aurorabunny - February 8

Also they have a really neat Bissel here at Target...it's a hard wood floor cleaner that kinda looks like a vacuum. It sweeps everything up and then mops the floor....it's really easy and only $70. Not as cheap as a Swiffer, but you won't have to buy the refills!


Nita_ - February 8

darn it!! Katie-- I wish I knew about the bissell caz I've been cleaning/mopping the floors on my hands and knees! Which is going to be even more frequent now that Neha is starting to crawl and all. I could have spent an extra 30-40 and just bought the bissell!!


aurorabunny - February 8

LOL Sorry Nita....tell hubby that your back already hurts from carrying Neha everywhere and being a mommy taxi and now you need the Bissel to prevent any further injury. =)~


ry - February 8

Swiffer doesnt work well enough for mine. I got a shark electric push broom for christmas and am obsessed with it. I use about ten times a day no joke.


Lchan - February 8

I damp mop every weekend. It works well. We live on a horse farm and haven't landscaped yet.


Nita_ - February 8

LOL Katie! Am sure my dh will surely oblige and buy me the bissell for me to do the cleaning!! that's another chore I hate to do! :(



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