OT Has Anyone Tried A Hoodia Weight Loss Product

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Kara H. - March 12

I saw a dateline special on Hoodia about a year and a half ago, but they acted like it would be 3-5 years before it woud be on shelves so I was surprised to see it on shelves already. It was "discovered" at an african village. The people there used it during their drought season to supress their hunger pains, but you never know if the product that makes it to market is of the same quality/strength of the original plant. Has anyone tried a Hoodia product? Did you feel it surpressed your appiite. My poor hubby has switched jobs and new one is much less physically demanding, but he is eat the same as before - maybe even more out of bordom. I haven't asked him how much he has gained, but his new jeans I bought him 5 wks ago when he started are way to tight on him. He is feeling really bad about how he looks. The Hoodia product I was looking at was like $30 a bottle so I wanted to find someone who has tried it before I buy it. Thanks!


christa0120 - March 12

it is a bunch of hoodia...all you will be is $30 lighter


Kara H. - March 12

Have you used it?


mcatherine - March 12

My sister tried a few of the Hoodia products. She said they didn't supress her appet_te at all.


DB - March 12

I don't know... I'm sooo against diet pills of any sort. Most of them just raise your heartrate like caffiene would. I don't know about the appet_te suppressor pills but I just don't think they can be good for your body. Drink a lot of water, that keeps you feeling full. Sorry, that is my one area of gripe. I yell at my sister all the time especially since we have bad hearts in our family.


JenniferB - March 12

I have not tried it but I heard that the real stuff works, is all natural, and has no side effects. However I also read that most of the stuff on the shelves has such a tiny amount of Hoodia in it, it doesn't work. They trick you by saying stuff like "contains pure hoodia" well it might contain it along with fifty other things that aren't natural. If you can find the true product, it is supposed to work very well.


luviduvi - March 12

If you were going to try it then I would search for it through a health food store.


Kara H. - March 12

I lost 20 lbs when I used an ephedra based product 5 years ago, but I took way less than the recommended dose. I actually took an Rx diet pill that I got my OB to prescribe after I had Max. But I have always been smart about it, and I never go thru a months worth of pills in a month - usually more like 2 months. There are people who will abuse them and not listen to their bodies cues - like a racing heart, feeling faint, feeling irritable - and continue taking them. When I have used diet pills, they have always been for what I call "setting the course" and "course correction". We all start off with the best intentions when we try to loose weight, but most of the time we either feel starved from second we start and have cravings we can't control or we start to slip up a few weeks in. I will take my diet pill for a week straight when I first start. By the end of the week, I am on a routine, I have adjusted to my diet, and I am on a roll. So I quit taking the pills and stick to my plan. I will do fine for about 3wks then I will start to slip up. At which time, I will take them for 3 days to "correct the course" and get me back on tract. So far I have lost all my pregnancy weight, and I am currently working on my "conception weight" I put on trying to have get/stay pregnant. I have lost 25 lbs and I have 15 to go. Some people have addictive personalities and should stay away from all substances that could become a problem for them, as well as people who have any health problems. I feel so bad for hubby struggling with his weight, while I am making such good progress. I found a weight loss doctor who Rx's what I am taking, but he is too embarra__sed to go - he wants something that I can go get for him at the drug store or health food strore.


Emma255 - May 24

Hoodia - hoodia-absolute.com/?id=61b6c6 I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.



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