OT How Do You Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

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mommie2b - January 20

I know this is way off topic but I need some advice. While I was in kentucky for the 2 months I met this great and caring guy and we have been together for over 1 month now and he is great i am hopin that we are together for along time but anyways I am goin back to tennesse for alittle while really do not know when I am going back to kentucky but for the time being while I am gone how can I make this wor? He has a trust issue I do not want to lose him nor i do not want him to not believe me what to do/


hello - January 20

I am not in the us so i dont know how far each is from the other....Regular contact, emails, phone calls, another booked trip will keep the wheels in motion, staying faithful, open communication, establishing what you both want and perhaps asking him how he believes it can work...... one may have to move... it can work, my friend married a guy she met in switzerland.... she is from australia and he was from england... he moved here and they now have a 5 month old baby, consistency is the key...... giving it your all like u would if he was around the corner..... get on the net and buy yourself a webcam for the meantime........chat on mics on the net.it may be cheaper.......good luck and try planning a trip soon or maybe he may..........


mcatherine - January 20

I have a story for ya! I met my husband in an airport bar in Texas. He was on his way to Mexico from PA and I was on my way home to GA from Las Vegas. It was an immediate attraction, which led to exchange of email addresses and emails led to me meeting him for a drink when he flew to Jacksonville on business. ( I lived 60 mi n of Jville). After that drink - I was in love!! We spent 3 years doing the long distance thing. Phone calls everyday. IM was just starting on the Internet, so we used that a lot until we finally got cameras a year or so into it. We flew back and forth quite often- him to me more than me to him since I lived at the beach (and flights were much, much cheaper then than now). He asked me to move to PA - which I did, but the week before I moved he showed up on my door step as a surprise to take me to the beach one last time- and thats where he proposed. We were married 9 months later. I can't say that it wasn't hard not to wonder what he was doing on the nights we weren't together via phone or email, but I loved him, so I trusted him. I think he felt the same way. I would questioned and questioned a lot by him about this person I mentioned, what party I went to, etc.., but I never let it eat at me - I just made myself understand that he was having a hard time being seperate from me. When it got hard, he would fly in so we could spend time together. To me, it was a wonderful love affair - and the s_x stayed incredible and fresh for so long because with the breaks we never tired of each other!! If it was meant to be, it will work out!!


EricaG - January 20

Well, my husband and I met in high school. he was a senior and I was a freshman. He had a girlfriend at the time so we never acted on our attraction to each other. When he graduated he moved away and went to college 8 hours away from our hometown. Him and his girlfriend broke up and him and I started talking on instant messanger. We had our first date December of 2002. We kept talking on MSN and I went over ot his house a couple of times during the summer of 2003 but our next real date was nearly a year after our first one, in November of 2003. We dated while he was home for Christmas break and then on January 1st of 2004 he asked me to be his girlfriend. When he went back to School after that we talked on the phone for about 2.5 hours every night and he made the 16 hour round trip drive every other weekend to see me. He came hom for his summer break and we spent every day together. When he left for school again on August he realized that he couldn't live without me and asked me to marry him. After me saying no a few times ( I was still in High school) He proposed to me formally in October and I said yes. That whole schoolyear he visited me every other weekend. It wasn't always easy because he was going to school at Michigan Tech which is very far west and very far north in the upper peninsula and I was in the lower peninsula so there was a lot of bad roads and snow. We kept talking to eachother every night on the phone and when he came home that summer after I graduated from high school we had ourselves a big old wedding and I went back to houghton with him for his last year of college. Sorry for the long story, lol, but that' how we did it :o)


ConnorsMommy - January 20

My dh and i met in HS (i was a freshman, he was a sophomore).. we got together july 4th, 2001 and he ended up moving back to his hometown early sept. 2001 (it was 5 hours away), but we decided to stay together and see where things went. We'd talk on the phone, e-mail, and I.M.. we'd only see each other in person every 4 months or so for about 4 days-a week per visit... Needless to say, it was HARD!.. He moved back during the end of Sept. 2003. unfortunately, he had been cheating on me for about a year of that time (i didn't find out till he moved back)... but we worked everything out.. and now we're married and we'll soon have two beautiful boys together =) .. so, it's possible... COMMUNICATION is key!!


mommie2b - January 23

Ok we do talk 3 times a day or more but the thing with him is he has a trust issue cause pretty much every woman he dated cheated on him and lied and done all kinds of things to him and I am tryin to rea__sure him that I am not like that and it can work but i hope he does not give up cause he is a wonderful guy.



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