OT I Cant Believe People Sometimes

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mosley12 - March 4

last night, dh and i took ds to his first carnival. it ws just a small carnival but we thought ds would like it because of the lights..which he did...but anyways, as we were leaving, there was a fight in the parking lot, and this one boy , who looked around 18 or so, got knocked down, and as he was laying on the ground, another boy came up and stabbed him. the boy ended up dying i think. well they were doing cpr and such on him until the ambulance got there, and then as they were loading him up they were doing the shocks to get his heart beating. i live in a reletivly safe military town so i never expected to see this. we saw his mom pull up and come running out, and you could tell she didnt realize the seriousness of it until she saw him, than she just broke down. i was holding ds the whole time nd refused to put him down. i just kept imagining ow i would feel if i was this poor lady. i dont know the family, and i dont know the boy, and im no even sure if he's still alive, but if you could, please pray for him, and for his mom to be strong, regardless of what happened. it wasnt on the new last night, but im hoping it will be tonight so we can find out if he made it or not.


piratesmermaid - March 4

Oh my God, where do you live? That is crazy and so sad. I will certainly say a prayer for them. Keep us updated.


mosley12 - March 4

i live in north carolina. i looked in the paper but nothing. it happened around 8 or so last niht. im gonna watch the news again


lin7604 - March 5

there is way too much crazy s**t happening now a days! DO you ever wonder what thing are going to be like when our Lo's are teenagers! scary, hey! I hear stuff like this and it worries me, we also live in a good place and lately we have been seeing lots of spray painting on peoples fences, etc and it make me think " what is this world coming to"!


KLC - March 5

I remember when it was safe to go to a carnival as a teen. It makes me so scared for my kids. Sometimes I wonder what kind of world I have brought them into.


piratesmermaid - March 5

KLC, I feel 100% the same way! I wonder if I am just being selfish having kids because the world I'm bringing them into isn't that great. But my hubby did bring up a good point the other day. The news only reports bad things, so we think that only bad things happen. I have met some very nice and good people (like you ladies!) and it helps me feel better about the society our children are going to grow up in. Because there is good in this world, but it's never praised, and that is perhaps the saddest thing of all.



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