OT I Just Burned Myself

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Ashley - December 13

I just burned my hand really badly and just wondering if anyone knows any remedies. I can't sleep cause it hurts so bad. I've been applying ice for the last hour but it still kills. Any suggestions???


OK, - December 13

Strange, but try Balmex or A+D ointment. I used it for burns myself and it helped. It will probably still hurt but it will help it heal faster. Sorry to hear you hurt yourself. Hope it doesn't hurt for too long.


helper - December 13

b___ter or margarine will help a lot


Lisastar9 - December 13

http://www.mothernature.com/Library/Bookshelf/Books/47/24.cfm Remember to take out any dashes if they appear. To Helper read this webpage too your advise was wrong sorry,at leaast you tried to help


Ashley - December 13

Thank you Lisastar9. Just checked out that website and it says not to put ice on it... opps! Thats probably why IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!! I'm such a wuss. Well, I'm gonna try some of the remedies now and hopefully it'll work. I'm in so much pain!


Lisastar9 - December 13

Your welcome Ashley. Hope it gets better. My rule of thumb is use the web for everything a person needs to know concerning issues or question we don't have the answer too. This is where I get my smarts from. You are not a wuzz just somebody in alot of pain


Ashley - December 14

Amen to that! I usually check out everything on the web but for some reason it didn't occur to me tonight. My first though was to come on here. This pain comes close to labor pains... lol. Well, thats what it feels like right now! Oh, also, I think I just read on another post that you're expecting. Well, lots of congrads to you and your family. How far along are you?


Ashley - December 14

oops... forgot to register all this time.


Jbear - December 14

Try aloe vera or aquaphor ointment. If it's really bad, go to the drugstore and look in the bandage aisle. They make bandages that are like a pad of water for burns. I can't remember the name, it's been seven or eight years since we needed them. My husband was working at a printing press and burned himself really badly. They usually say not to put anything oily on a burn.


Chelsey - December 14

I got an email for home remedies.. it says to put Colgate toothpaste as a salve on burns?!! I dunno if I would try it, but thought it was funny!


The real Lissi - December 14

Wet the area and apply some salt to it. It really works!


Lisastar9 - December 14

I am due in March with my third. I just found out on Nov 18 comfirmed. I am 26 weeks and 2 days. They say it is another boy. My other two boys are 3 and 6 both born in July.Thanks for asking.


Shelly - December 14

Chelsey;I was actually going to suggest toothpaste.It really works,and the menthol from it is very soothing.


Narcissus - December 14

Ashley, make sure to take anti-inflammatories regularly for the next day or two. Advil or Aleve... Most people forget that those can bring relief to burns as well.


Ashley - December 14

Thanks ladies... well i ran in under cold water and then I put some aloe vera and dealt with the pain. Its better today, just a scab. Lisstar9, thats amazing, another boy! Wow, all the best. Any names picked out?


Lisastar9 - December 14

They say it is a boy and the name we have picked out is Steven after by brotherwho just died recently. If it turns out to be a girl Mary Jane cause she needs to be recrued by spidermanand we have two of them in my house from time to time. My others boys names are Robert and Caleb (cleba for a nick name) Robert named him that after he was born.


Ashley - December 14

I always loved the name Steven, it's a nice strong name. Sorry to hear about your brother, thats really sad. How you feeling? Are you having an easy pregnancy?



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