Ot Just A Vent About My Mother

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dee23 - February 15

im not sure what is wrong with her, but she will not converse with df's parents. we set up neumerous events where they could meet, because df and i a getting married in 2 weeks. i asked her why she doesnt talk to them, and all she says is 'they are not on her level' as if they are beneath her or something! if anything, they are farther up above her then she can see because they have respect and willingness to make new friends, and she is just a yuppie from the city who spends poo loads of money on expensive clothing and shoes and such and has no house or car, just a 'pretty hand bag'. df's folks are so lovely, and i can chat about anything to them, mum is a gossip queen and cant be trusted with the littlest of private information. df's parents are from the country and have that friendly ccountry personality....they are nice enough for anyone to get along with. i know that they will all just get along for the sake of our wedding on the day, but this just aggravates me. i even asked which of df's folks mum would like on her table and she said none of them! i which she knows she has no choice as there are only 2 parent tables and df's folks are not talking. i dont know what i can do to convince mum to just chat with them. i have questioned her about it and very nicely pleaded with her to atleast say something, but i cant go too far with her as she is one of those ppl who think 'if she is belowed in any way' then she gets her revenge by bringing other ppl into the situation to help her or she will never talk to you again. eg...i told her i wasent happy with what my auntir had done with ds while looking after him (putting his eyes in the sun to purposefully shut them so he would get sleepy' putting her smokey hands in his omouth, feeding him double his requirments ect..), and she went straight to my aunty and told her everything i said! in turn my aunty blasted me....even though i was planning on talking to my aunty i told my mum i didnt appreciate her telling my aunty as i was confiding in her. so as soon as she gets off the phone to me, AGAIN she crys and crys to my aunty telling her i had just told her off horribly and that i should pay. now she is trying to alter our wedding because 'her plans' dont fit in with our sceduale. she is truely df's mil from h__l and is really pushing my buttons. if i go off at her, i loose her for good. even if it is a disscusion about the things that she is doing. she is also a 'bridezilla'. she is getting into our wedding so much......i am just at a loss. im trying to avoid her right now but it is abit hard as she has taken the next 2 weeks off work to help us, not by our choice, we had no idea. she can be nice when she wants to, but generally, its her way or the high way. ok, you know at a wedding reception, its entry of the bridal party, food, speeches, first dance, well after her speech, she wants to play a specific song, not for our first dance, but just a song that she wants to play, which is nice, but it interferes and she knows this. she wants us to move our first dance to later on after her song!!?? i dont know how this is going to work, but thx for reading if you got this far :) i have never been able to say anything to my mum my whole life, so it feels good to get my feelings out....and im 24 and still cant stand up to her....geez



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