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KLC - February 19

I have seen a lot of threads on the dangers of having dogs and children together. I TOTALLY agree that NO dog should be left unsupervised with a child but I wanted to share a good dog story because I think that there have been a lot of bad ones shared, so just a little positive influence here. LOL. I have 4 kids as most of you know. A 9 year old, an 8 year old a 5 year old and the baby is 10.5 months. We rescued our dog Fletcher, he is a Boxer (they are the best!!), about 9 months ago. At the time, my older kids were out of town visiting my mother and I went to see him for the first time with the baby. From the start he has been SOOOOO protective of Aaron. I think that he thinks the baby is his. When new people come around he stands in frontof the baby until he feels like they have passed his test and are worthy of being near his baby. /he is unbelievable with the older kids as well. He sleeps on the foot of my sons bed and at night he literally makes rounds of the kids rooms, I believe, checking on them. The baby has been known to use Fletcher for his own personal stepping stool. He uses him to climb up onto the couch, although whenI see this I stop him from doing it because - you never know. The other day he stuck a toy in poor Fletcher's ear and the dog just looked back at him and kissed his arm and then got up and moved to the other room. He is a big dog weighing in at about 80 pounds - but he has NEVER knocked down one of my children and I believe that if there were to ever be a threat to any of them he would defend them with his life. I just wanted to share a "good" dog story. Thanks for reading :)


ry - February 19

aw! That is so sweet, poor guy! My brother, sister and I grew up with our 125lb german shepherd who was more like a big horse. He is the most gentle sweetest dog you will ever see in your life (and also the most vicious if he feels you are a threat) But now he is 15 and a little crabby. I wouldnt think twice about my baby going near him a few years ago but I think he is a little senile now. It is so sad because they could have really loved each other!


ry - February 19

By the way i am glad you posted this becasue we have been considering getting a dog and boxers are one of our favorite breeds!


Emily - February 19

I have a 60lb female chocolate lab. She is 4 years old. She was our baby before we had Mary. She was a little peeved when we brought Mary home as she didn't get as much attention. She is a very friendly dog. She scares somepeople as she gets excited to see new people come around. I always joke that someone could come in and rob us blind and Lucy wouldn't care as long as they stopped to pet her first. She is very good with Mary - now two and a half. Mary pulls her hair and ears and tail. She pokes her in the eye and wrestles with her. She sits on her and steps on her. Lucy is great with her. She just sits there. When she has enough she just gets up and moves to where Mary can not get to her. I agree that no one should leave a dog alone with a child, even Lucy, but she is so protective of the girls. After she gets her loving from new people to the house, she is weary of them with the girls. She will watch them for the longest time. Once she sees they are no threat, she retreats to her pillow and that is it. When we are outside, she knows she is not to leave the yard and will bark at us if Mary tries to. She loves Marcy even more cause it takes some of Mary's attention form her! I really think it is all about how you handle the dog and taint he dog. Everyone we meet is so impressed with Lucy's behavior. While she would love to great everyone she sees, if I or my husband or even my two year old tells her to sit, down she goes……I think as long as there is supervision, dogs are great pets…..


KLC - February 19

ry....GET A BOXER!!! they are the best with kids. I volunteer with Second Chance Boxer Rescue ever since we got Fletcher - I am addicted to the breed and will never own another. Check out Second Chance Boxer rescue page. We have some GREAT babies in need of a forever home and they are all temperment tested and never adopted out to homes with children unless there is a histroy on the dog. We have a saying "Every kid should have a boxer" Seriously thought this is an excellent breed to have with kids.


seanandmya - February 19

My dog is a mixed labrador , we rescues him when he was a puppy , he had been abandoned with the rest of his litter , his name is George and he is great with our kids ! My one and a half year old climbs all over him and can pull his tail and his ears and he wouldn't even flinch , when she gets too much for him he simply gets up and moves rooms , he's great , I hope he's just as good with the new baby . It would be so sweet if he thought it was ' his baby ' ! But on a sad note , I am so upset about my mil's dog , his name is Sam and he's a mix terrier . He's like fifteen years old and has lost most of his teeth , he spends a good portion of the day in mil's front garden and he wouldn't hurt a fly . The other day a bigger black dog went into the garden and tore him up and down the garden by the head before my mil could get out to stop him . He has to be put down from his injury's , the vet said he is too old and there is little chance of him from recovering from his injury's . It makes me so angry that people with a dog that big and vicious would leave their dog out unattended ! I am going to the police tomorrow to make a complaint , that could very easily have been a small child !


KLC - February 19

seanandmya...so sorry to hear about your MIL's dog. Rest In peace sweet Sam.


Kara H. - February 19

Majority of dog bites that happen to children are not from the family pet. It is other people's dog. Sometimes its a family member's sometimes it a neighbor or a strangers. My parents have a german shepard. He really seems to like my baby Max and I don't THINK he would hurt Max, but I wouldn't bet Max's life on it. There is a lot of jealousy in the dogs face when Mom is making over Max. Five days a week the dog is the baby of the family and everything is about him, then Max comes over and he seems to really meek with his tail tucked and his ears low on his head in the "poor neglected me" att_tude. I know a lot of my family was all worried about my cats when I brought Max home. But they have grown accustomed to him and Max loves them. I certainly wouldn't let Max lay on anyone elses cat, but I have no problem letting him snuggle and suck on the ears of our cats. :)


aurorabunny - February 19

I love to hear stories like that. =) I wont' blabber as I think everyone already know what I have to say about my "pet" bulls... myspace dot com /garglinggarbagecrabs There's some cute doggy and baby pics if anyone is interested. And boxers are SO sweet, got any pics KLC?


piratesmermaid - February 19

I like boxers, too. My personal fav breed is the Australian Shepherd. We have 2. They're both so great with Gretchen. The male was leary at first, but our smaller female LOVES Gretchen. She has to be near Gretchen and follows me around when I have Gretchen in my arms. The only problem that could occur with aussies is that they're herding dogs, so just gotta make sure they don't "herd" the kids.


mosley12 - February 19

i have a poodle beagle mix who is about 10 months old who is spoiled rotton. i thought he would be terrible around ds out of jealousy, but he's great. he'll sit by him and if our other dog, a st.bernard/lab mix gets near him, he growls at her, and its so funny cause he's so small. both dogs are great around ds, and ds is just starting to understand they are alive and laughs whenever they play and trys to grab his hair


piratesmermaid - February 19

Oooo, here's some pics of our dogs.... pic7.piczo.com/piratesmermaid/?g=2469969&cr=7


KLC - February 19

I do have pics of my doggie on my myspace page...I have a whole slides of him and one of each of my kids and my wedding slideshow too. myspace.com/calebcodycarlyaaronsmommy


aurorabunny - February 20

Aww! KLC look at those wrinkly faces....my ultimate weakness in life for sure. =) And piratesmermaid my husband was making goo goo noises at the picture of your beagle...LOL. His childhood dog was a beagle and even though he was so mean he just adored him to death, LOL.


eclipse - February 20

My family dog when I was young was a Keeshond/Sheltie Mix and was the best dog ever. She would always check on us and make sure that we were ok and that people were there with good intentions. She was trained leashless and was so good at responding when called and absolutely brilliant. I wish she was still alive or I had cloned her. Also a friend of mine has a Newfoundland which is probably the gentlest sweetest dog I've ever met, besides Keesha. They have a pool and a young toddler and the dog had puppies, and anytime the baby or puppies go in the pool, their Newfie "rescues" them. They can't even swim!! It is so funny! That dog is yanked on, toys stuck in its ears, ridden on (I think it is 130 lbs or something-looks like a bear!) and it just loves that baby! I wanted to get one of them so bad but we don't have a pool and live in Florida and lets face it-thats just mean. :) I love dogs-can't wait until my son is older and we are going to get another one!


KLC - February 20

aurorabunny, I tried to look at your myspace page but couldn't find it :( you should add me as a friend. Eclipse, we had a newfie growing up and he was the sweetest too. We called him the gentle giant. He was 150 pounds of fur and heart. I miss him.


KLC - February 20

piratesmermaid...your doggies are too cute!!!!



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