Ot Lump On Nipple

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scared - February 6

i know this doesn't belong on this forum but i need to find out if other women have experienced this. i have a swollen, painful lump on my nipple. at first i thought it was just one of those glands that are on everyone's nipples- i think they are called montgomery glands. but this one is painful and when i squeezed it puss came out (sorry if tmi) can anyone help me? i just had an exam a week ago and it wasn't there then.


scared - February 6

i forgot to say its on the aereola (outer) part of the nipple


S - February 6

sounds like a clogged milk duct. There are things you can do to help it un-clogg....look up clogged milk ducts online and see.


Kris10 - February 6

this is gross, but what color is the puss?


Kris10 - February 6

p.s. I was asking b/c if it is green you know it is something infected. I'd call your doctor just to be sure though, no matter the color. good luck.


scared - February 6

i'm not b___stfeeding so it's not a clogged duct, but thanks for the guess. the pus is white. its a really hard lump and it just had so much pressure like a pimple that i squeezed it to see what would happen and it popped like a pimple- sorry i know that is gross. i just don't know what it is and am scared to death to go to the doctor.


SaraL - February 6

I got something like this about a week after my son was born - It was on my b___b about an inch off the areola. I figured I got it because of the weird hormonal changes. This is gross, but I popped it (I know, they say don't do that) and then I put on some bacitracin (antibacterial ointment) and a bandaid. I changed the bandaid, washed the area, and put on new ointment and bandaid a few times a day. It went away in about 3-4 days. Now, you can't even tell where it was and it was a pretty good size pus filled lump.


mimi - February 6

It sounds like Mast_tis to me. Google it...It is usually in the form of a painful lump.


Jbear - February 6

Scared, you can get pimples on your b___sts just like anywhere else. I've had one on the areola before.



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