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newbie - February 1

DD is in bed as with everyone else so I finally had the chance to sit down and watch the news. I am from the same town as where Mary Winkler lived when she shot her husband. well, on the news tonight is showed where someone had taken pictures of her at a bar drinking and smoking time while she is awaiting her trial for killing her husband. I don't know if any of you have been keeping up on her ( it's a hot topic around here) but I just thought I would post this incase some of you are because I'm not sure if it was aired on anything other than our local channels.... I can't post a link but this is how to get to it, go to Wmctv . com then look at top headlines. It is the first one on there. (Also, sorry for me posting so many of topic post but it's all that has really been going on for me and I thought I would share)


ash2 - February 2

Hey newbie. My family actually knew her husband that got shot. His dad ( windell winkler ? ) use to preach at our church here in SC. He knew our family well. My uncle use to preach with him long ago. We are members of church of christ like they are. I think that she might have been abused. You see, women of church of christ ( no we are not a cult ) have to put on a respectful manner to their husbands ( ecspecially preacher's wives ) to " submit " theirselves. This does not mean to be a slave, but to tend to their needs. The bible also says that the husband is to love their wives and to take care of them. IMO...the having to uphold the godly women that she was supposed to be just got to her. Maybe he was abusive, maybe not, but no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Every " fairy -tale family " even has their problems. Now from what you have told me makes it look like she had a dark side she didnt want anyone to know about. Because in our religion we definantly dont allow drinking and bars.


newbie - February 2

that's what the news was saying, I don't know if you looked at the web page but it says she has been to that place several times . I was raised southern baptist, so I don't know alot about church of christ but my great aunt was a member of the church that he preached at down here.


newbie - February 2

here is the article............ Since August, Winkler has lived and worked in McMinnville, Tennessee. That's four hours away from the Selmer home where prosecutors say she shot and killed her husband Matthew last March. We went there to see how Mary Winkler spends her days. While there we were approached by a man who offered us cell phone pictures of Winkler that - he said -show how she spent her nights. Many say it's behavior unbecoming of a preacher's wife. For months, Mary Winkler has lived the life of the accused. She's out on bond, working at a local dry cleaners. It's just one way Winkler bides time while waiting for judgment on charges she killed her preacher husband with a shotgun blast to the back last March. But working at Cleaners Express isn't the only way Winkler stays busy. In the pictures featured above, you can see her bellied up to a bar, cigarette in hand and a bottle of beer in front of her. She's seated on the left, next to the blonde. Picture after picture shows the same thing. Luis Correa says he was shocked when he saw Winkler sitting across the bar from him and his wife. He took the photos with his cell phone and shared them exclusively with Action News 5. "She was, you know, having a good time, with everybody in the bar," he told us. It's a far cry from the meek widow we saw protected by her attorneys the day she bonded out of jail in McNairy County. Winkler's been living and working in McMinnville ever since. It's part of her pre-trial supervision and apparently it's not all work and no play. "I think perhaps, maybe, she exercised some poor judgment," said Correa's wife Libby St. John, who recognized Winkler at the bar because she'd seen her on the front page of the paper the very same day. It was New Year's Eve and McMinnville's most popular downtown hangout had a special guest. "She was smoking and drinking and appeared to be pretty light-hearted," she said. The couple left the bar around two o'clock on New Year's morning and - they say - Mary Winkler was still seated at the bar, smoking and drinking. "I would be too upset about being separated from my children--that sort of thing--to be able to go out and celebrate in such a fashion," said Libby St. John, who adds the encounter has given her second thoughts about the woman she once pitied. "I think it's important for other people to see who they're supporting." Members at McMinnville's Central Church of Christ have given Winkler money while she awaits trial. The editor of McMinnville's Southern Standard says others have given Winkler gifts and jewelry. "People seemed to have opened their arms to her, for whatever reason," said James Clark. Luis Correa believes his cell phone pictures may change things. "I don't know if the people in the congregation still support her--but they got to know where they spend their money." On this night - witnesses say - it was at a bar near McMinnville's town square. We paid Luis Correa for his cell phone pictures, just as we would any other amateur photographer. The owner of the New York Grill, where those pictures were taken, tells us Winkler has had drinks at the bar three of four times over the past few months. A patron told us Mary Winkler celebrated her birthday there. Winkler did sign a pre-trial supervision order, agreeing not to drink alcohol in excess or to enter an establishment that primarily sells alcoholic beverages. You can read it here. The New York Grill is licensed as a restaurant and Winkler's probation officer says it doesn't appear she broke any rules of supervision.


sqeekers - February 2

I have been keeping up with some of this story from the begining. I was a member of the Church of Christ for 10 years with my ex-husband. Newbie what you say about how wives are treated is very true, and the level some of the men take it to is very abusive mentally if not physically. The people that I went to church with now treat me like the devil, because I left my mentally abusive husband. If Mary Winkler had to put up with even a fraction of the stuff I did, I can understand her anger, frustration, and basic change of behavior. I don't think what she did was right, but I can certainly empathize with her.



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