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Christy - December 29

Just for some fun, what is the craziest thing you've ever done? I have many instances to choose from, but I would pick skydiving (two tandems with an instructor) as the craziest thing I've done. I'm glad I tried it, but I'd never do it again. How about everyone else?


Jamie - December 29

Well...I joined the Army...I married a man I had only known for 6 weeks...I moved to Germany...lol


SonyaM - December 29

Okay, I'm boring compared to these two posts. I will have to give this some thought.....


Christy - December 29

Jamie- are you sure your name isn't Sarah? LOL! My friend's sister has a very similar story to yours, but they are in TX, not Germany. I think she is still in the Army, but will be discharged soon. She and her dh have 2 kids, the most recent one in September, I think.


xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 29

I've done no crazy things really. There was a £250 cash give away in a night club once and the DJ said the first person to get his attention would win the first £10 so I pulled his trousers down! I got the tenner LOL!!! Not long after I got on the stage and stripped off. Got another £100 and a free t-shirt. I was 18 at the time and had a nice body, wouldn't do anything like that agian!!!


Narcissus - December 29

I went to a live s_x show in Amsterdam. That's the best I've got...


sheree - December 29

apart from being engaged after a month, prgnant after 2 and married after 5 i'd have to say maybe taking my shirt of in the middle of a night club or being dared to like my now dh up the face while i was drunk!!! And i did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shelly - December 29

Narcissus, you know I am from Holland....did you visit the s_x museum as well?


sheree - December 29

That's ment to be lick him up the face, having a bad day!!!


Narcissus - December 30

Shelly, well of course I visited the s_x museum!!! Haha!! Actually, I went to Amsterdam twice in one year so I had to go to the "show" twice. Same people, same act, same rotating bed centered on the stage.


Shannon - December 30

hahaha, i want to see a s_x show!! i went to a male strip club once and it was the funniest/most distrubing thing. there was this fireman that i thought was pretty hot but then he got down to his birthday suit and his hoo-hoo was purple!!! someone told me that they put rubber bands around the base to maintain their *cough* size, let's just say. i was seriously concerned about this guy, i was afraid it was going to fall off!! ........as far as crazy things though, i don't know, i'm pretty tame. a year or so i flew to Vegas to visit my stepsis and we smoked so much pot, drank quite a bit of tequila, and rented a limo with some neighbors to go and visit the casinos. i barely remember that night, just stumbling around the Bellagio and Luxor in a hazedancing , smoking some more in the limo and making out with some mexican guy i can't even remember his name, only that he played the guitar like a god. i maintained enough good sense not to sleep with him, though, thank goodness.


Christy - December 30

Shannon- Skydiving is the craziest thing I did sober. I have done way too many crazy things that are probably not fit for print when alcohol was involved. Ah, college. . . the good old days- LOL!


Shannon - December 30

yeah, i was in college at the time of that incident, it was really my last hurrah. i'm been sorta saintly since, relatively speaking. i've always wanted to go skydiving!!


The real Lissi - December 30

I guess the craziest thing I ever did was going to Russia to meet a guy I had only spoken to on the internet. He was supposed to be teaching me Russian and now 3 years later we're married with a daughter!


Christy - December 31

Lissi- That's pretty wild? Who woulda thunk it? :)


Barb - December 31

wow...I live a boring life..haha...I've done some stupid things back in the day, but nothing "crazy"..haha.. you gals are great =)


Barb - December 31

hmm...well after some thinking...I guess the craziest thing I did compares to your story Lesley...I entered 3 contests at night clubs ; hot body,wet t-shirt and best legs..and won them all ! the easiest money I ever made...haha... of course after 3 children and growing up those days are LONG gone!!



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