OT My MIL Is Driving Me CRAZY

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chrissi79 - February 9

Ohhhh, just a vent, I am loosing my mind, my MIL is driving me totally nuts! I swear she is such a know it all and I feel like she is critisizing EVERY little thing about me and my parenting skills! She lets NOTHING go, and harps on and on "her hands are cold, her feet are cold, is she eating enough, you have to be careful with the dog, you need to make sure she's gaining weight, are you guys (her son is really who she's asking about...) getting enough sleep? you need to rest..." blah blah blah...CRYING OUT LOUD, I can't listen to it!!! Even last night I very politely told her that I had company (my girlfriends were over), after she TOLD me they were going to "stop by", and i told her they were over, and she says "oh that's ok"....uhh, so my hubby had to call her (seeing I was VERY CLEARLY upset and annoyed) and tell her that he was going out and that it would be better tomorrow (tonight), because I was visiting with my girlfriends...no doubt MY name got dragged thru the mud after that but why they h__l can't you take a polite hint????? Seriously....she's brutal!! Very intrusive too, when they ARE here if I'm BF my daughter she literally LEANS right over me as she's eating...how friggin inappropriate is that????? Uhhhhhhhhhhhh...anyway, just a a much needed vent session...thx for listening....


aurorabunny - February 9

Oohhh lady I feel ya. I just made a similar vent about my MIL and the dogs, among other things. Tell her that if she keeps it up that when she gets older you and DH are going to put her in a home! LOL Okay just kidding, that was mean. I don't really have an answer, just wanted to say I sympathize. All mother in laws have Mother Of the Year trophies from raising their kids in their opinion!


mosley12 - February 9

my MIL thinks im a good mom, atleast she hasnt said anything about my parenting skills...she just thinks i control things to much!! somebody has to make sure everything goes as planned though and bills get paid! lol


KLC - February 9

I don't have a MIL, she pa__sed away when dh was only 13. But I do have a SIL that I'd like to punch in the head. LOL. Just kidding I wouldn't actually punch her, although I do have those Ally McBeal flashes where I picture myself punching her repeatedly when she is on one of her many tirades.


EricaG - February 9

I know how you feel Chrissi, overly involved in-laws suck. It royally ticks me off when they crowd me when I'm doing things. Last weekend we were visiting and like always as I was buckling my daughter into her car seat, my fil has his hands in there screwing around with stuff and I said "i got it dad" he said "I'm just making sure you don't pinch her little fingers" I said "Well, I've done this quite a few times" and he said "Well, it's just a Grandpa thing" Ok, so that made me mad but what REALLY p__sed me of was that when we got home after the 2.5 hour drive I went to get my baby out and the side that he had done was all twisted up! That's dangerous and I blame myself of course for not checking afterwards but he had gotten me all flustered. So next time he does that I'm going to tell him to get his hands the he*l out of my way unless he wants me to bite them off. Ok, so I might put it a little nicer, lol.


Nita_ - February 9

My MIL drives me crazy too!! At least ladies your MIL didn't live with you int he same house for 4 months! Mine did and I had to deal with her constant chatter all the time! Now it's everytime we talk on the phone but at least thats just once a week (although she wants me to call more often as I'm at home anyways! I quite my work to be with my baby and she had to just rub it more in! What the heck does she mean i'm home anyways! Doesn't she know how much work a baby could be! Oh wait, she's a workaholic who left her kids behind for nanny's to take care of! I totally understand how inappropriate her standing over you while you feed the baby is! She used to pretty much do that too until I told her that my dd gets distracted by any noise (which she really did!) and wouldn't drink any milk! She hadn't used any pump in her days or maybe there weren't any, so now she wanted to check mine out WHEN I'm pumping!! ARGHHH talk about inappropriateness! And NO inlaws can never take a polite hint!


ashtynsmom - February 9

I feel your pain!! I HATE my MIL, and no that IS NOT an exaggeration. We recently had my dd's first b-day party. All of my family live out of state (9hrs away!) Well, needless to say they only see dd a few times a year. So my mom is holding my dd and in walks my MIL and says " Oh, give her to me... I haven't seen her in months!" (She lives 20 mins from us) She is not allowed at our house for VARIOUS reasons, but dh takes dd to her house at least twice a month. So, anyway, she grabs dd and hogs her from my mom for 1/2 the party. I was not paying attention as I was trying to corral the other brats at the party since their parents apparetnly thought that was MY job since it was MY party... any who...my mom politely goes up to her and says, " May I have a turn with my only grandchild now?" and my MIL says " I will let you know when I am done." !!!!!! I wanted to knock her out!! I went over and grabbed dd and said " NO, I will tell YOU that you ARE DONE" and gave her to my Mom. She went crying to dh and said how mean I am to her, and blah, blah , blah.... UGH!!! I can't stand that woman!! Well, dh took my side, and she tried to start drama at MY DD'S B-DAY PARTY. Dh finally told her to back off or she would need to leave. This is a fun day for Ashtyn and there will be NO DRAMA TODAY!!


sophandbob - February 9

I know how you feel. Mine looks after little man every morning for half an hour and every afternoon for an hour to fit in with our child mnders schedule and now some of the things she says makes me feel like she's implying she knows him etter than I do. Out of interest does your mil have daughters? I think mine is worse because she doesn't have any daughters so she can't do that motherly thing that mums can do with daughters.


Nita_ - February 9

ashtynsmom--how mean of her for saying that to your mom! At least you and your dh gave her an earful! *sophandbob* - my mil has 2 daughters and she still is the same! I guess it really doesn't matter!


Erin1979 - February 9

I have a very similar MIL. She raised "3 perfect boys", or so SHE thinks. She told my entire family that I almost drown my daughter in the tub..... the reality?? My daughter was playing in the tub and decided to put her face in the water. I pulled her up, she sputtered, and that was it! But yeah, ok whatever you say lady. Thank goodness my outlaws are in Florida until March. I believe in Standing up for yourself. I do not let her control me, and I very clearly tell her when she is being inappropriate. (My MIL took a picture of me bf'ing which she then sent out to the family.....I lost it after that!!)If you don't say something now, it will only get worse....just my opinion. Good Luck!!


chrissi79 - February 9

lol - wow such a common issue huh? So terrible that they can't get a clue...know when to back off lady!!! GEEZ! Sophandbob, yes, she has one daughter, my age, and boy I feel for her when she gets married and has a baby...she's so intrusive...at leat my SIL will tell her where to go, but my hubby is of course kind of a mamma's boy...LOL aren't they all? Oh well...well thank you for sharing ladies...


Sindel - February 9

one day we will be the MIL's... how strange is that?



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