OT My Poor Friend

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San - January 21

Yes, this is OT and in no way baby related but I feel so bad for my friend. Back in June she was diagnosed with cancer (in her throat) and spent the summer getting radiation. She went through h__l with that but is finally feeling better and has just gone back to work 3 weeks ago. Last week she finds out that her SIL is terminal and has 8 weeks left. Now today, her 55th bday she goes into work and falls and breaks her arm. The poor woman, how much can she take?


Lisastar9 - January 21

Ah I hear ya ,on this one. I will be praying she has better days ahead.


ash2 - January 21

Wow, she has been through it.. I kow lots of people who have had nothing but bad luck in the past, but it all looks up in the long run ! Just tell her to keep her head up ! :)


mommieto3 - January 21

got one better than that....well worse i guess my friend found out her dad was terminally ill in nov ....end of nov found out her husband was cheating end of dec Dr told her take her dad home to die that treatment wasnt doing any good just making him weaker her mother got a BAD infection like staff or something in Jan..... poss might not make it due to other health problems her dad dies in june her husband leaves her 1 week later then in july her mom had to have her leg amputated due to the infection in july then finds out her husband was cheating with one of our really close friends in sept and from sept till now her mom has had 4 stints put in her heart a pace maker and pneumonia 2 times and each and every time she was told to prepare for the worst because her mom wasnt strong enough to pull through it but she has and my poor friend is taking care of her mother and 3 kids all alone and she is my age 35 and looks like she is 50due to all of the c___p she has had to deal with in the last year


mommieto3 - January 21

wait left out that she also broke her foot and had a hysterectomy all during this time also


punkin01 - January 21

this is so horrible i hate to hear so many bad things happening to one person


San - January 21

Ouch mommieto3, that is worse! If the saying is true that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger I guess your friend is really quite strong. I actually just got back from my friends and it turns out her arm isn't broken, just badly sprained. Her motto is "chin up, things could be worse". I hope your friend has a much better year this year mommieto3.


shelly - January 22

san ,the saying goes things come in threes so hopefully shes had her bad luck and thing will improve for her now, im glad shes feeling better in herself, what rotten things to happen.



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