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tallgirl - January 15

Ok, I am still pregnant but I figure this was the best place to ask this question. All of my friends that have had children, skiped birthing classes and went straight for the drugs, or cs if offered by their dr. I personally think there are too many cs done these days for no good reason. Anyways...They all think I am nuts for wanting a completely natural childbirth, esp because I was 11 pounds and 24 inches when I was born (my mom had me complete natural) and the father of the baby was 10 pounds and 22 inches when he was born(his mother also had him complete natural). I am now 6'2" and all legs. The father is 6'4" but I have longer legs. And the dr already tell me that my baby has long legs. Has anyone on here had natural child birth? and how big was your lo when they were born? Thanks


Rabbits07 - January 15

I've had one of my births without pain meds and she was 7 lbs. 6 oz. To be honest I really don't think size has anything to do with how much pain you are in. As I said, with that dd I had no pain meds and she was not very big....but she was by far my worst labor experience EVER. Every child I've had after her I based my decision to get an epi on that THAT labor experience (btw, she came so fast and suddenly after over 24 hours of stalled labor that I didn't have time to get anything). With my last ds I decided to get the epi when I was around 6 cm....I wasn't really in such pain that I couldn't bear it, but I kept thinking about my labor with dd and how bad it got. It ended up taking forever for the anesthesiologist to get there and by the time she did get there I ended up dilating to 10 while she had me bent over the bed trying to give me the epi. Afterwards I was thinking that if I had known that it wasn't going to get any worse than that then I just wouldn't have gotten the epi at all....and ds was 8 lb. 6 oz. Not a 10 pounder by any means, but much larger than dd with whom my labor was much worse. My dh was a 10 pound baby and my mil says he was her easiest by far out of her 5. If I were you and you desire a natural birth then I say go for it. Take the cla__ses and be prepared. If you end up deciding during labor that you need something for pain there's no reason why you can't. Good luck!


apr - January 15

I had a natural birth. No epidural, no drugs and no c-section. concerning cs's, I agree with you, and just by the way, where I live cs's are not done unless necessary. If your body is built for giving birth, then you can do it v____ally and use gas to help you through. Persoanlly I think you have to be a type of person who can tolerate pain. I know I can and thats why I succeeded doing it naturally, but I have many friends who begged for an epidural right from the start. everyone is different and this is not something you can decide now, but only when u are there. what i said to myself before i went into labor was like this: i am going to try as hard as i can to do this without an epi, but if i cant it will be an option. i dont think long legs has anything to do with having a v____al birth. and by the way, i heard that tall people have easier births. i am average height about 5''6 and my baby was 3400 grams (sorry i dont know lbs) and i was fine. i say if your aiming for natural you can do it, but do bear in mind that complications may arise, and know you may have to have a cs if necessary. good luck


sahmof3 - January 15

I went into mine thinking I was going to go all natural (my mom did it with four kids, so I just figured I would, too), but left the option open for an epi in case it wasn't what I expected. I got my epi 20 hours into... not soon enough!!!! lol, but later found out that I have scarring of the cervix from a D&C for a m/c and can't dilate. I never got past 1/2 cm and had an emergency c-section. Next two were scheduled. So, I have to agree with the others... decide when you are there. There are just some things you can't know until you are in the situation. BUT, prepare as best you can w/ childbirth cla__ses, etc. and give it your best shot :-) Like apr said, if your body is built right for it, it'll happen. And if not be glad that we have options in the modern world!


EricaG - January 15

I gave birth to my dd without pain meds. She was born 3 weeks early so she wasn't huge, 7 lb 5 oz. 19 inches. I was induced with pitocin, which I hear is harder, but I wouldn't know because she is my first. I have also heard that a few extra lbs doesn't make a difference with the pain, as long as you can fit them through your pelvis. The contractions are what really hurts and they don't depend on how big the baby is. I had decided before I went in there that I was not having an epi, well, I asked for the epi but it was too late, I was already in transition labor. Well, when all is said and done labor was by no means the worst pain I've ever felt in my life, I never even broke a sweat. Some people can handle it better that others, you'll just have to wait and find out wether you can handle it or not. keep an open mind, but take the childbirth cla__ses.


lexa - January 15

Well, I had to be induced with both of my children via Cervadil then Pitocin. With my son, I had the epi after my water broke. I still thought the pain was horrible though! He was 7lbs 13 oz 20.5 inches. It took all of 4.5 hours. With my daughter, I had her natural (with absolutely nothing). She took all of an hour once my water broke. She was only 6lbs 7oz and 18 inches long. She was quite the tiny little thing, however, the pain was quite atrocious!!! I begged for pain meds, but couldn't get the epi due to anasthesiology being in with a patient having a c-section. Trust me, I so wanted to kick that ladies a**!!!!!! It was the worse pain ever in my life. My son was an absolute breeze next to her! And I had a 4th degree tear with him. I too never took any birthing cla__ses. If you can go natural, go ahead. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting some help along the way either. Good luck to you:-)


drea - January 15

I was induced also, a week after my due date with cervadil and pitocin. I was minutes away from having a c-section (i found out after the fact) b/c my doc thought I wasnt going to be able to push and dd's heart rate was dropping every time I had a contraction, but as it turns out I pushed her out with 3 really good pushes. I did have a lot of tearing and ended up with A LOT of stiches. I also had an epi and I also got stadol (sp?) which I was very hesitant about, but waited until I couldnt take it anymore b/c I was dilating very very slowly, but in the end it's worth every ounce of pain and I'm sooo glad that I went natural. I forgot about all that pain when I held dd in my arms and still to this day ( almost 4 mos later) I still cant believe that that beautiful thing came out of me. Good luck on the rest of your pg. I say go natural if you can, the recovery time is much quicker.


jenrodel - January 15

I had really wanted a natural childbirth as well with no drugs etc, but left the option open as I didn't know what it would be like. I managed to go about 24 hours in labour before getting the epidural, but at that point was exhausted and couldn't handle it anymore! My labour ended up being 38 hours with a forceps delivery. I'm sure every birth is different, the length of labour, the pain tolerance of the individual... I don't think size has a whole lot to do with it as the pain exists during the labour as well as the actual birthing part, which is a very small amount of time compared to the actual labour! Also I wouldn't worry about length, more about width LOL... btw my son was 7lb5oz, 21"long. Best of luck!!!


lexa - January 15

I forgot to mention, that I don't believe size has anything to do with the amount of pain. What made my dd so much worse than my son was that she was facing the wrong way! If she would've been the right way, she probably wouldve been a breeze. Oh well.


CyndiG - January 15

I had my first dd with an epi, it was the worst experience! I was in labor 36 hrs and pushed for 3 hours. She weighed 7 lbs 13 oz. That was my basis for having dd #2 completely natural. No drugs at all. It hurt really bad, but I did it. Her labor was 12 hours 10 min, pushed 6 pushes, weighed 7 lbs 3 oz. The difference was my mindset. #1, I knew the minute I got pregnant that I wanted an epidural. #2 I was more informed, and made my mind up early to do it drug free. I read everything I could, talked to everyone I could, did a refresher childbirth cla__s, I was prepared. But more importantly, my dh was prepared. He knew what I wanted, and knew how to help me. I stressed to him how important he was in helping me make it all the way without giving in to the epi. My doctor knew ahead of time, we told my nurse at the hospital I wanted to do it drug free. At the end, I wanted the epidural! But to be fair, she was facing the wrong direction (not sure what that's called), and I stopped dilating at 9, had to get in all these wierd positions to try to turn her etc etc. The point is, my dh and nurse both kept me strong. Reminding me of what I wanted, worked me through each contraction. There came a time when my dh was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. My nurse stepped in and got in my face and told me exactly what to do and how to work through each contraction. Your support system is KEY! Afterwards, I was soooo proud of the fact that I did it! It doesn't matter about her size. Once the head is out, it's all over but the crying. The babies that is! :O} Two books I suggest are Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Natural Childbirth and Dr. Sear's The Birth Book. Both have some "out there" ideas, but they both helped me tremendously! The other thing I totally recommend, is WATER! Get in the tub! You can do it! Like the others say, keep an open mind, but be prepared. Good luck!!!


Shea - January 15

I had an epidural, and I would really think twice about having it again. I think the epidural hurt worse than anything, and also I didn't realize I would be flat on my back after getting it. My son's heart rate kept dropping so I had to lay on one side, causing the epidural to only work for the side on the bottom, ugh. My water broke at 5 am, after having contractions for 29hrs, and I had my epi at 1pm, didn't give birth until 10:05pm, so I lots of hrs of laying on one side half numb, lol. I still wouldn't have had a c-section though. My mom had 2 and she had bleeding issues and almost died, so the thought of one really scares me.


Steph - January 15

My son was 8lbs 7oz and 19.5 inches long...I had him naturally and had horrible back labor and well because he was facing the wrong way, his skull on my spine. Anyways, I'd probably do it again that way...it hurt, but it wasn't so unbearable I couldn't take the pain. If it was...I'da gotten an epidural! BTW, I did have an epi with my daughter....so I've gone both ways. :o) Good luck on your delivery!


Justine1 - January 15

I just gave birth to my second baby a week ago and had a natural birth - a water birth. The baby weighed 8lbs. It was very painful for the last hour, partly as I didn't realise I should be pushing then -duh! - but much better than being induced with my first who was much smaller at 5lbs5oz.


tallgirl - January 15

I am sorry about my rude comment about cs. Its just my best friends mom died because the dr gave her 4 cs, and she got pregnant again, and during the 5 pg she went into labor and the dr hadn't sown her up properly from the cs and the labor tore her open and she bleed to death. And the first cs was just because she was afraid of pain. And I am leaving the door open for epidural, its just some told me they thought it made the labor actully last long...one person told me when they got the epidural she went down 2 cm. She went from 8 cm dialet to 6... Anyways THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR STORY :)


tallgirl - January 15

oh as for my best friend, she is 1 of 5 girls. Her mom and dad wanted a boy. The dr saved the baby but not her mom.


Kara H. - January 15

My mom had very easy labors and I had hoped like I would be like her, but I left all options open. Good thing too, since things RARELY go as planned. My membranes ruptured at 34wks, but labor did not start. They started IV antiboitics and waited to see if my leak would seal over, but it was too major of a tear. We did cervadil and pitiocin. Then though I was in no pain whatsoever, I asked the OB when was the ideal time for an Epi if I dicided a wanted one. She said that I could have one when ever I wanted, but expect 1-2 hours added to the whole labor/delivery time. I still felt fine so I continued without nothing. I was having MAJOR contractions, but my cervix would not dialate (also had multiple m/c's and d/c which probably scared my cervix). Sixteen hours later I was recieving the maximum dose of pitocin, and was only 2.5 cm and my cervix was swelling due to the force of the contractions. Max's heartrate was climbing and I was starting for feel achy and flu-ish. We decided to call it a day and do a c-section. I think I could have taken the pain of natural childbirth, but it is really a moot point for me at this point. The most important thing is to go home with a healthy child. I think so many women have the fantasy of what it their ideal birth should be like, that they walk away with a lot of disappointment. It just the same as women who put all this effort into planning the perfect wedding, and have all this disappointment when it doens't live up to the fanatacy in their head. Remember its truely the destination, not the journey when it comes to bringing home a baby. In regard to your mom's friend, my OB advises you early on, that she will give you no more than 3 c/s without you signing a release stating that you understand the risk of continuing to have children after 3 c/s. She encourages you to try to VBAC after your first c/s. If you are not able then they start talking with you about limiting your family to 3 children.


ash2 - January 15

I wanted a natural childbirth with my second DS . I think i could have had one though, however, i got really scared when they started to come really quick ( contractions) Labor is sooo comercialized. Natural birth is pictured as a women screaming in pain and hitting people around her ! lol....i dont believe it is not like that after you have had one or 2. I have had both of mine vaganilly (SP) and very happy i was able too. On a side note, im glad i went with the drugs....)



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