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dee23 - February 17

hi ladies! hope everyone is having a better than normal day today! this may be a little long so bear with me. dh and i need a little help. he are getting married in 2 weeks and decided to have our honeymoon in around august this year, depending on the weather of our destination. thing is, we have no idea where to go. we live in australia and have decided that if we cant find anywhere we want to go, then we will go touring some of the states here. but we would really like to try and find somewhere over seas bacause we will have ds, and touring australia would mean alot of traveling in a confined space, plus, even if we arent that interested in overseas too much, it would be nice to finally uase our passports as neither of us has ever been overseas, and the longest plane trip dh has taken was about 1 hour to tasmania. ok, so can anyone suggest some places that are very beautiful and serene with alot to do? just to help narrow it down abit(well alot actually), we dont want to be travelling too much when we get there and it will be for 2 weeks. we dont want it to be too hot or near a beach(we are not the island type).n we love the country side and would love to see abit of snow(both of us have never seen snow). we dont want to go to, any asian countrys as i think there are way too many ppl for ds and we cant stomach too much asian food, africa will be too hot, we are not interested in greek italy and surrounding as i am surrounded by them, it is my blood, india and srilanka will be too hot, and im not sure if america is interesting? i dont know? we just dont want to be surrounded with ppl. so whats left? the south pole? lol well this is why we need help, thank you to anyone who can


SonyaM - February 17

Well since I live in America I think it's interesting. I don't travel much but I loved our honeymoon. We went to San Francisco and I thought it was great. If you like the countryside they have great tours of Napa Valley (wine country) where you can stop at different wineries and taste wine and stuff. Just north of California is Oregan which I think would be awesome in August. I hear Colorado is really great and I think even in August the tops of the mountains have snow. I hope that helps if you want to come to America. Maybe you should consult a travel agent.


eclipse - February 19

What about going to Alaska? Taking a cruise through and checking out all the cool sites, history, native tribes, etc? Not too hot, lots to do, cruise ship, good stuff. I've always wanted to go to Australia myself. What about New Zealand? I'm sure you've been there, but what I can tell, there is a ton to do and see. We went to a Sandals Resort for our honeymoon and it was fabulous because it was all inclusive, but they are island resorts so that won't help.


vanja10 - February 19

i live in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada), even though we are on an island, it's a major tourist spot.. Canada might be a good spot, because if you are into a little bit of driving, you could start from Victoria and maybe drive to Alberta where there are a lot of camping sites, you would pa__s Rocky Mountains (might see snow), Jasper and Lake Louise are awesome, also Banff. I personally drove from Victoria to Winnipeg (may need a map of this.. haha) and the scenery is beautiful and if you are into country, I would suggest camping your way through. Victoria is a pretty small city but it's really nice..


KLC - February 19

Italy, Italy, Italy. So Romantic. We went there for our honeymoon. Not to mention the food. YUMMY. Congrats on the wedding.


Dawn - February 19

We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon, it was ok but not the dream holiday we had planned. We had originally booked at beautiful hotel in Sri Lanka that went out into the sea, but when the tsunami happen and our hotel was washed away. Like KLC I love Italy, it is such a beautiful country and so much to see and do, I loved Rome and we are hoping to go back in a few years.


Trac - February 19

San Diego, Calfornia is great! LOTS to do and very beautiful. Be sure you rent a car so you can see Coronado island and also Seaport Village as well as Old Town San Diego. The city of San Diego has a fantastic zoo and lots of great beaches so it's definitely a great place for a family trip. Colorado is another one of our favorite places. August might be a good time because it won't be cold. We have always stayed in Estes Park but I've heard Winter Park and Fort Collins are lovely as well. I have heard Alaska is breathtaking although we have not been there. Wherever you go, I hope you have a great honeymoon!



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