OT No Fun For 180 Days

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USMC_wife - January 29

LOL....I totally know what you are saying. I've had to explain to dh that being at the house in the middle of winter with 2 kids can be a bit much at times. All I really want is some "adult interaction" time, which is often talking to the lady at the video store!!!


ash2 - January 29

You should always be able to go out with friends every once in a while. It makes you a better person and mother because you miss them. Now , let me clarify " going out with friends.."...My kids are always right by my side. I chose to pick a group of girls that had children too. W all get together about 2 times a month and eat lunch. As far as my love life with my husband ?? Well we made an official " date night " once a month on the last friday to go out to dinner. I know you miss the time with your friends, but you have to realize that you are not teh women you were 6 months ago. You are a mother.....a good mother. So sacrifices have to be made. Dont feel like you are missing out on all the fun when your girlfirends call and you cant go....just think about all the things you gain when you see your little one look up and smile. BTW....i would LOVE trip to walmart by myself, lol...girl you have it good : )


DeeJay - January 29

I understand where you are coming from!!! But thank fully my mom will watch dd overnight on the weekends so me and dh can go out, or my dh doesn't mind staying home so I can go out. I don't do this all the time but I am a social person and I love clubs, I only get to them once or twice a year but that makes me happy and when I am happy, so is everyone else!!! 180 days w/o out adult fun is too long, go get your hair done or a ma__sage, you deserve it!!!!


AlissaF - January 29

I guess I am a bit different than most moms... i get to go out, but I take ds with me. I am a single parent so I don't really have a choice in the matter. I am a social person and if I spent all my time cooped up in the house, I would go absolutely insane! I am very into the music/festival scene and during the summer, ds went to nine outdoor shows with me... and I must add, he is only 7 months now. One thing that I have found that really helps is to have baby play dates with other moms. Once a week I make a point to get together with another mom and have mama/baby time. I am just now getting to go out occasionally without ds, but for the most part, I miss him when he is not with me.


ssmith - January 29

LOL, I'm with you sophandbob.....since having my daughter, I don't want to go out. If I do go anywhere, I want to take my dd with me! I have found that I prefer her company to just about anyone else's!! hahaha Right now, a trip to the grocery store, or the mall, or the coffee shop is a great outing for dd & I. I just love spending time with her....every single minute. When I do go out without her, I spend the whole time talking about her. I have turned into one of 'those" moms who cannot talk about anything else. Well, I could....but would much rather talk about dd anyway! However, anytimelittleone.....I think maybe you need to tell your hubby that a trip to Walmart does NOT count as the kind of "going out" that you had in mind. You definitely deserve some fun!! Especially now, since I have read in another post that you are expecting bebe #2 .... congrats.



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