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sahmof3 - January 26

Just wondering what some "averages" are for certain older kid things. Like riding a bike w/out training wheels, being allowed to ride on the street alone (I'm talking a reasonable distance like right up and down the road), what age they learn to swim unassisted and at what age do you let them, say, go swimming with a friend when you know you won't be there? I may think of some more at some point. I just have no clue.


Lisastar9 - January 26

Bike with out traing wheels is six. Riding on the street alone my son tried to come back from his friends house all by himself he friend and him went the long way around the block,after his friends was at home Robert got lost and had to find his way home in our small town he made it home crying.. As for ridin the bike alone he has to be able to see you from further distance he goes. If there is a life guard on duty there should be no problem letting them go swimming on their own. As for my kids they want Mom everywhere.


lexa - January 26

My son was about 6 too on the riding bike without training wheels. He learned to swim una__sisted at age 6 too (he was afraid to leave me go:-) He's 9 but I wont let him go swimming anywhere without supervision. He went at a friends house at age 7 with their parents supervising. He's been rollerblading since age 4 (funny, the kid could rollerblade but not ride a bike????)


ash2 - January 27

My DS does it now and he is 4. However, we have been training him on his motorcycle since he was like 2 . Thats only because he got lots of practice. As far as swimming una__sisted, well, i dont think i will ever leave him alone doing that , lol I guess im just a paranoid mom, oh, and the fact that my cousin almost died when he almost drowned when he was 7 years old. ( guess that doesnt help )


lexa - January 27

I took swimming una__sisted as they learned to swim on their own (like without any type of flotation device)? Like I said, my ds is 9, but I don't know when I'd honestly let him swim without the presence of an adult. With how a___l I am...probably when he has a wife to watch over him, lol! And even then, I'll supervise her:-)


sahmof3 - January 27

Yeah, lexa, I meant w/out a flotation device... and by swimming with a friend I was thinking like with another parent there, but not me. I would also be way to paranoid to let him go w/out any adult supervision ;-) I plan to start him in swim lessons soon (our community center does year round indoor lessons), but I guess I'm just wondering what ages your kids were able to stay afloat by themselves and stuff like that. He's been late at a lot of things... he's being evaluated for several things (high-functioning autism being one of them) and I've noticed he's about 3 years behind on certain things (mainly social-skill related things). I think he would be ready to ditch the training wheels, but now it's too cold to test the theory, so we'll probably wait until spring :-) lexa... that's funny about rollerblading. My son didn't even learn to PEDAL a bike (let alone go w/out training wheels) until age 4, but when I got him rollerblades he wanted to watch someone do it. So he watched our 11yo neighbor... and the 1st time my son went to try it he was doing great, blading like he'd been doing it forever. I was shocked ince he's a "late bloomer" in so many other areas!! The one thing that is hard to watch is that my 3yo daughter is slowly overtaking him or catching up to him in things. She already knows all of her letters by sight, knows beginning sounds, coutns to 20 and knows 1-10 by sight, learned to ride bike (w/ training wheels) before 2 1/2, and can draw better than my son. And she's far more sociable! With him I had to go over and over and over these things to teach him, but with her she just picks it up like a sponge. I haven't been actively teaching her these things, she just picks them up quickly. So, there's the long, round about way of saying why I write this post. Now that I have her and see how quickly she picks things up I wonder about when my son should be doing certain things and gaining some independence... I'm sort of worried that she's going to be caught up to him to in all areas of life and there's 3 1/2 YEARS b/w them!!! I keep working and working with him in the areas his teacher tells me about, but I see very little progress. Then again, academically he is doing great, doing what normal kindergarteners do... and the fact that my daughter actually has almost all of things skills needed to enter kindergarten really means that SHE has learned fast and not that HE is behind. does this make sense? I guess I'm just looking to see averages for things to see if my son really is doing things at a normal 6 1/2 yo level or if I'm just putting too much pressure on him to keep him ahead of his sister. Sounds dumb, I know, but it's hard to look objectively at it when you are right there in it every day, so I appreciate all of your posts!


CyndiG - January 27

Morgan turned 8 in June, she still won't ride a bike. She's afraid of wrecking! But she learned to swim on her own at 7. This past summer was really the first summer she enjoyed swimming. I let her go to the public pool with my neighbor's teenager and another 8 year old this past summer for the first time. She was fine and enjoyed it. I let her stay by herself for the first time just a few months ago. It was for a few minutes, but by herself none the less. After that she just knew she was big, so once her dad was working in the neighborhood (he does lawncare and was working in our development) I left her at home while I went to the grocery store. She called me about 15 minutes into it and she was scared. I had my mom call her and talk to her till I got home. So she's not quite ready for that mentally. I just now have started letting her go to the bathroom by herself if we're out and about. I keep my eyes on the door and if more than just a minute or two pa__ses, I go in. I've been trying to loosen the reigns just a little at a time. She's getting so big! BOO HOO!!!!


sahmof3 - January 27

Thanks Cyndi. It's such a fine line b/w letting go and keeping them safe. Up to now I've thought of myself as the mom of preschoolers and babies, so this school-aged kid thing is new territory. I feel a little like when my oldest was a newborn and I didn 't know what I was doing ;-)


CyndiG - January 27

I don't have a boy, but I have a friend who has 4, (OMG!!!), and I do know that Morgan, and her boys are soooo different. Girls just pick things up faster. They mature socially alot faster. And Morgan even was doing academic things faster than her boys. I just think that's normal.


CyndiG - January 27

I can totally relate to the feeling like you don't know what you're doing! I don't know if you read my post about how fast Morgan is maturing in alot of physical things but I'm scared! I just take it one day at a time and pray lot's!!


shelly - January 27

lol lexa,your post made me laugh. my ds is 11 this year and ive let hin go to the shop a few minutes away on his own but i still feel wary about this,this year he l be going to senior school and will be walking to and from schol which if he gets into the schol i want is 15 mins walk away and i know he will want to walk with his friends on his own but he stills seems so little lol, sorry sahmof3 i cant remember about the bike riding,hes confident swimming but hasnt been on his own yet.



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