OT Parents Forcing Abortions

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Lillie E - February 14

alright, with everyone here being moms i'm just wondering what you think about this topic. i know a girl who's parents said that they would pretty much disown her if she kept her baby. dad would walk out on the family, and mom wouldn't let her come home if she didnt get an abortion. she's 17 so its not like she can just go and start her life with a child without help from her parents. they took her to the clinic and did everything short of holding a gun to her head to have her get an abortion. does ANYONE else think this is insane? to me, it just seems so wrong to force a girl who wants to keep her child to have an abortion... i makes me angry.


Jbear - February 14

She could have looked into shelters...I know there are some in my city, I would imagine there were some in others. I can't believe her family did that to her...even if she had told them at the clinic that her family was making her do it and she didn't want to, the clinic would have probably been able to give her a list of agencies that might help. It's a terrible thing, what her family did, and she'll probably never forgive them.


Barb - February 14

that's completely unacceptable...I agree with JBear, there should be a shelter or something she could have turned to for help. I know there are a few in my area as well. There's always hope...even whn it seems totally hopeless! Did she already have the abortion??? I would love to give her some help if she needs it.


Mia D - February 14

My parents and my bf tried to make me have an abortion (I was 15) I stuck at it though and didnt do it, I just couldnt. My bf and I split up for a while. When they realized I wasnt going to do it (when it was too late to have one) they tried to force me into adoption and I had to consider it, but I just couldnt let go. My mom came round after the scan pic she saw and so did my bf and we got back together. My dad wouldnt speak to me until I brought Jacob home, then he couldnt resist him :o) I'll never forgive them for trying to make me do that though, Jay is so gorgeous and I cant imagine life without him now, and neither can they! Its just so wrong. It has to be the mommys decsion in the end people cant force stuff like that on girls


S - February 14

Sounds to me like she had a choice...


mel - February 14

wow. she doesn't have much of an example being set for her on how to do the right thing, is she? what kinf of family unit is that? where the dad would be willing to walk out on the family and you mothers love is obviously conditional. that's a really sad situation.


Lillie E - February 14

when my family found out i was pregnant, we had a "family meeting" it was pretty much everyone but my dad opting for me to get an abortion... even if my entire family tried to make me get one i wouldn't, but my then boyfriend now husband would have been able to support me... so i would have had a place to go.


kris A. - February 14

My oldest daughter is 15. She is very smart, lots of accomplishments, and has had s_x (against EVERY effort on my part, I a__sure you) I share custody with a permissive ex and cant control what she does at his house. We have had MANY, MANY discussions over right and wrong and my beliefs and my expectations - I love my daughter unconditionallly, but I (go ahead and slam me) fully believe that if she got pregnant, I would want her to abort. The reality is she cannot afford a child, does not have the mental ability to understand what a child means to her future, and in the end, the child would end up being financed by me. And I have a 10 week old and three teenagers already, and I couldn't afford another one - no way. It's not fair to dump the baby on the grandparents. You wrote that "she's 17 so it's not like she can go and start her life without help from her parents" - so you think the parents should have the financial drain put on them? They didn't drop their pants... No one wants ANYONE to have an abortion. I WANT my daughter to keep her pants on, and if not, then to take every measure to prevent a pregnancy. I have told her if she has unprotected s_x she is a fool, but to IMMEDIATELY tell me so we can get her the morning after pill and stop the egg from implanting. I tell her this EVERYTIME she goes to her dads, because at my house I curtail any activities that dont have parental supervision. I cant trust her to have the knowledge of an adult, and I sure dont want my 5'2, 100 lb baby to have one. I think the 17 year old did have a choice. I think my daughter has a choice. DONT HAVE s_x. USE A CONDOM. DONT GET PREGNANT. A child should always come into this world wanted and loved and once here, be protected and sheltered and cared for, priceless above all else. I consider my 15 year old Child priceless above all else, including an unwanted pregnancy. I just believe that an abortion (before 8 weeks) is better for her than going through a pregnancy, a birth, and a lifetime of hardship. I realize many dont agree, and you are welcome to your opinions. That's mine.


I agree with - February 14

Kris A very well said.


Steph - February 14

I fully agree with Kris A., and I would probably push the exact same thing if my daughter was pregnant.



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