OT Passion Party Or Basketball Game Decisions Decisions

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Cassie06 - February 1

So, I have a dilemma. Not a real one, lol, I just cant decide what to do. I have been invited to two different events and I really want to go to both!!! One of the girls I go to school with is having a passion party, which I think will be a lot of fun and may give me some new ideas to try out with my hubby to spice things up since we have had DS. Also, a lot of other girls I have class with will be there and I dont really get a chance to socialize much at school so it might be nice to get to spend more time with them. I also got an email from my old high school inviting the alumnus to the Homecoming game the same day at the same time. I loved my high school and all my teachers and love going back and visiting with everyone. I would like to go and show off pictures of the baby and spend time with everyone, plus I might want to teach there when I get out of school so it would be good to keep my name in circulation. I just cant decide what would be better! I wish they werent at the same time. Like I said, I know this isnt a "problem" but focusing on small stuff helps you forget about the big stuff sometimes! What do you all think?


bekysu - February 1

Pa__sion Party most def. I love those parties AND it does spice things up!


Rabbits07 - February 1

Forgive my ignorance....what is a pa__sion party?...lol.


mcatherine - February 1

Ladies get together for an evening alone without the men and see different s_xual enhancing products like toys, lotions, games, etc... At the end of the evening the hostess or sales rep take each woman in to a private area and allow them to purchase whatever is for sale if they choose. They are fun to go to even if you aren't into buying that type of thing. I always laugh my behind off at them!


Lisastar9 - February 1

I would explain to the hostess of the PP you can't come due to another engagement,but ask for a raincheck. Go to the school you will still have a blast,this fuction you can't go to a similsr one in the future like the PP. Like you said you want to put a bug in for a teachers job. Have fun.


ConnorsMommy - February 1

If I were in your situation, I'd go to the homecoming game. Even though I HATED my HS, I'd go just so I could gloat about my family ;) LOL! And since you might want to teach there, it'd be a good idea to keep in touch with everyone =)


sophandbob - February 1

Well I would go to the game because I figure you can always go to a shop for that stuff. Sounds like there will be more to gain from the HS thing.


kellens mom - February 1

I always feel obligated to buy something at any type of in-home party. If money is tight, then go to the game. That way you won't feel obligated.


soon2bemomof3 - February 1

PASSION PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUN FUN


ash2 - February 1

Well i would pick the game simply because i feel uncomfortable talking with other people about what i do in the bedroom.



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