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lindsay - January 14

hey girls..well, ever since i got pregnant w/lexi, my skin has been a wreck :( not that i've ever had beautiful flawless skin, but it is the worst it has ever been in my whole life. it seems like i constantly get little breakouts, and when one area clears another breaks out. but probably the worst part for me is my skin's texture...it is not smooth anymore, and my pores are SO visible! i can't stand looking in the mirror... i am seriously considering trying proactiv soluion. my question is have any of you or anyone you know actually used it and how did it work? i hate wasting money, but now that lexi is 7 months old, i'm thinking my hormones are never going to regulate or something. plus, i'm 27! i know plenty of adults do get acne, but enough is enough!! (as a side note, if you did use it, did you use it while nursing? i asked my dr. when i was preg if i could use it and got the go ahead, but never did it then..to my understanding , it doesn't contain steroids.)


BreaunasMommy - January 14

I used it but it didnt make a difference. I personally thought it was a waste. My dermatologist prescribed me a cream called Benzaclin plus I switched make up to the neutrogena sheer minerals. My skin has not had a breakout in 5 mths. I love love love it!!!! It didnt dry my skin out or nothing like that either. I just rub it on my face everynight. I highly recommend this stuff. i can not believe how clear my skin stays it is amazing.


babybird - January 15

I use it and I absolutely love it. It cleared my skin up so well. I am nursing right now and using it with no problems. I highly recommend it!


lindsay - January 15



Brittany - January 15

I tried it and my face puffed and swelled up so big I didn't go to school for two days lol. My skin is a little sensitive though so it was probably the benzyol peroxide which is suppose to be a REALLY low amount but haha yea right. It's worth a try though, you can always return it. I tried it once and returned it the next day for a full refund, I just paid shipping.


mcatherine - January 15

It gave me a rash, but I do know several women that it has worked well for. It doesn't do well on skin with larger poors from what I understand - which could have been the problem for me. My son is 4 mos and my skin is pretty bad, too.


mcatherine - January 15

duh...larger pores...lol


lindsay - January 15

mcatherine--my pores were never even visible until my skin started going all awry with my last pregnancy! they are so gross : ( besides that, it's as if every imperfection i have ever had on my face has shown up in the form of a small scar..WTF!?!?!?(very teeny tiny "dents", almost like a pore.) like i said, i have never had great skin, but it was at least smooth aside from whatever zits i might be sporting at any given time. perhaps i'd just be better off seeing a dermatologist...i a__sume the proactiv wouldn't do much for my skin's texture anyway..or would it? my sister uses it but she has pretty bad acne, and improvement comes in waves for her...it'll get better for a period of time and then flare up down the road...i just thought that since mine isn't nearly as bad as hers and she's had some success that it would work well for me...i HAVE to do something!!!!


BreaunasMommy - January 16

lindsay I would reccomend you see a dermatologist he/she will be able to prescribe you what will work with your skin and your type of break outs. I went because I all of a sudden started breaking out with the pimples under the skin that take forever and a day to go away lol. It was very annoying. Like I said on my last post he prescribed benzaclin and my skin is wonderful now! Also if you wear make up during the day you need to wash your face everynight with a good face wash (I prefer oil of olay). You could also switch to mineral makeup. I use neutrogena sheer minerals. I will never go back to regular foundation. Any ways good luck


Shannon - January 16

i've ALWAYS had teribble acne. i'm 23 and sill have VERY oily skin. talk about sucky. so i gave Proactiv a try. i used it exactly like i should for a whole month and it didn't make a dent. in fact, since i've use 10% benzoyl peroxide products, and Proactive has like 2.5, my acne got WORSE. but i stuck it out a whoel month because i spent 100 bucks on the c___p. i agree that if you want real results see a dermatologist, they're miracle workers.


mcatherine - January 16

lindsay - my pores turned into craters during my pregnancy. So much for that glow some women get. Now, at almost 5 months pp - the only relief I get in my skin breakouts are from using what a dermo reccomended : Neutrogena Pore Refining face wash and cream. At first it burned a little, but it made my skin smoother over a period of a month (and the pores are somewhat smaller). I only use the face wash in the morning, but I use the face cream both day and night. It has Retinol and Alpha-Hydroxy Acid in it. Now, I think the bags under my eyes may need some sort of cosmetic intervention!!!!



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