OT Pubic Hair And The OBGYN Way TMI

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luviduvi - February 9

This is silly I know...but since I know a lot of the mommies from the Labor Q forum from when I was preggers with ds, other moms do this too. Here it goes. I was at the Drs office the other day. I had an exam and without realizing I had just "shaved" the day before. I was so embarressed to think what he could be thinking. I use a razor at the time b/c I don't like to spend the money during the winter for a wax, I mean, whats the point? But when you do it with a razor, it's like a total chop job! Everything is all red and sore looking.....ugghhh. I was so embarrased! I just HATE hair "down there" on myself and I don't think hubby is too fond of it either, wink wink. I usually let it grow out some when I know I am going to the doc so he doesn't think weird strange things of me. Anywhoo, just wondering if this bothers anyone else? I am sure he sees all kinds of things during his day but, I am wondering if he was thinking "Geesh, you missed a spot, don't you have a mirror and some razor burn ointment?"


Kara H. - February 9

I used to go "bare" but my hubby doesn't like me that way. He thinks women should look like women - not pre-pubestant girls. So since hubby has expressed his preference, I have scaled back the landscaping. When I get waxed in the summer, I leave a very small well kept "lawn" and in the winter I shave in a similar fashion. However, I always use trimmers with a #3 guard on my remaining "lawn" to keep it nice and short. A #3 guard leaves it just long enough it doesn't poke and irriate but short enough that the skin is still visable thru it. For the areas I shave in the winter, I use Coochy Cream which is a shaving lotion that you can find at most adult novelty shops. You can buy it on line too. As a hair stylist, I get all kinds in my chair at work from time to time. A women who was a "dancer" told me about it while I was waxing her eyebrows. I decided to put on my dark sungla__ses and sneak into our local shop for some Coochy Cream. It is the best stuff ever! You don't get hardly any irritation or bumps. Just smooth soft skin. My husband even uses it to shave his face, though I make him go buy it now ;)


Lisastar9 - February 9

Lol I have heard of people missing spots I think ob have seen it all I wouldn't worry about what happened.


shelly - February 10

lol kara,you made me laugh about the lawn, i hate the red and bumpyness after shaving down there,the creams dont seem to get rid of it all for me, i had it waxed once before and i found it agony, i think ive got a low threshold to pain lol, but like lisa says the ob proberly sees a lot of the razor burns and missing spots every day, but yes it would proberley bother me as well.


luviduvi - February 10

Kara H. ........ROFL! I will def. have to try some coochy cream. It sounds wonderful!


sophandbob - February 10

LOL! Having gone through the indignity of having to be shaved for my c-section (and quite rushly shaved too as it was an emergency) nothing bothers me anymore! Wasn't able to prepare for this myself (as I'd planned to just in case) because little man was 3 weeks early!


USMC_wife - February 10

LMAO.....coochy cream. I'll be sure to ask my dh if he needs some for his face too! I was always afraid to go to the gyn "too primped up." Dh was trying to get me to shave some sort of stupid design in it, and I was like now way, how embarra__sing! The doctor is going to see it!


aurorabunny - February 10

OMG Kara, I LOVE coochy cream!! My ex-sister in law used to do "Pa__sion Parties" and I would buy huge bottles from her so I could use it to shave my legs too. It's the only thing I've ever used that doesn't leave razor bumps. That's all I have to add. That and the fact that since I have had so many re-openings of my c-section incision, the scar is still very thin so I dont' feel comfortable shaving over it yet. I've tried to shave down there a couple times and I have this huge line of hair at the time where my scar is and it looks ridiculous. LOL, Okay, that's it.


AnytimeLittleone - February 10

At 9-10 months pregnant, I had awesome flexibility... and could still almost put my feet behind my head. Needless to say, I was well shaved (almost everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, a la brazillian) when I was induced to have my daughter. The on call OB/GYN came in.. and examined me.. and looked at me and said "Thats impressive, most women are hairy monsters at term,,", Which made me laugh hysterically... so I *think* that the OB/GYN's probably appreciate some grooming, as opposed to not being able to see anything due to lack of tamed hair..!


k.p.j.e. - February 10

ha ha, I haven't shaved down there since I was single and dating...I am officially an amazon woman by now! lol


luviduvi - February 10

You girls just crack me up! Anytimelittleone, I can't believe your doc said that to you! My doc is very funny and has an open sense of humor but he never said anything like that! So funny.......Your bf, hubby, sig. other must really appreciate your flexibility!


ash2 - February 10

I shave my bikini line about once a week, and as far as the " Lawn ". i keep it trimmed. DH says he does not like it bald because he feels like he is having s_x with an 8 year old !


AnytimeLittleone - February 10

Oh, I have almost no flexibilty anymore.. my back/legs/arms hurt too much from carrying around the 21lb monster. And trust me, I only shave legs/pubic area now right before a doctors appointment, and pretty much thats it!


Ca__sJ - February 10

How do you girls shave it with a razor? I did that one time and it was soo bumpy and itchy. I was always walking around scratching my crotch (not attractive!) I haven't done it since!



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