OT Scared And Anxious

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EricaG - February 6

Well, this is off topic but I'm just scared and need to get this off my chest, maybe I'm just looking for someone to say "it'll be ok" I don't know... Well, when I was pregnant I had gallstones, 2 days after I had my baby I had laprascopic gallbladder surgery, I had complications from the surgery including a pulmonary embolism and a leak in my bile duct which resulted in a 3 week hopsital stay. For the leak in the bile duct the reopened my incisions to suck the bile out of my abdomen and performed an ERCP to put a stent in my bile duct. Ok, while the rest really sucked and was scary, the ERCP is the thing I have a problem with. For those of you who don't know, during an ERCP they put you on conscious anesthesia which means that you are awake but so out of it that you don't care what's happening, they take this big black hose with a camera and little tools on it and shove it down your throat, and all the way until it gets to your bile duct, fix whatever's wrong and get out of there. Well, this would be all fine and dandy if the conscious anesthesia actaully WORKED on me. For my first ERCP when they put the stent in I remember them shoving the thing down my throat, gagging, them holding me down so I couldn't fight, etc. Needless to say I was traumatized. Then I had to get it done again to have the stent taken out. I was scared to death, I told the nurses and doctor that I remembered everything from last time and that I needed more anesthesia. They just smiled and nodded their heads, told me they wouldn't do anything untilt hey were sure I was "comfortable". Well, after pumping me up with as much anesthesia as they could and me still fighting and being very much aware and NOT comfortable they just had to do it really fast. They said later that they couldn't believe with how much anesthesia they gave me that I was still awake. Now, that was all about 5 months ago and I thought I was done. But 2.5 months ago I started getting pains in my chest like gallbadder pains, I went to the GI doctor and he said we'll get an ultrasound done and see what it is. He thinks it's one of two things, either gastritis from having no gallbladder, or a stone stuck in my bile duct. He thinks it may be the stone because my blood test showed that my liver enzyme levels are elevevated . If it is a stone, that means another ERCP. I'm so scared. It makes me cry to think of enduring that again. I think I would rather have this pain for the rest of my life than get that done. I'm just so scared and anxious. O have an ultrasound on Thuursday, I don't know what that will show. Anyway, like I said I don't really know what I'm looking for but I don't really have anyone to talk to about it except for my dh and I think I've worn him out on the subject.


Emily - February 6

Can they try something other than concience sadation? I always got sick when on anstectic or on my epi for my oldest dd and mentioned it to the doctors when I had a D&C for a missed m/c and then again when I had the epidural for my youngest dd, and they gave me something so that I did not get sick afterwards. Talk to your doc and explain everything before you agree to the procedure. Maybe he can sugest something else. Also since you hvaent' had the u/s yet, it may be nothing. GL!


Lisastar9 - February 6

yikes i too would be a scared chicken too. not that you said you were a chicken. i can't imagine going though sothing as horrible asat. I had a kidney removed when pg with my first and i would go though another operation like the first one over then what you had to endure. It sounds so scary. Talk with you drand on what transspired and ask to have a different anthestelogists to administer your meds instead.


mandee25 - February 6

Man, that would be so scary. I think I would rather go through natural childbirth again instead of that! I hope everything is fine for you and you don't have to go through that again.


Kara H. - February 6

From what I have read about the test, the sedation process is similar to what is used when they scope the bowel, which obviously is not effective for you. Ask your doctor for a referral to another anesthesiologist. Actually go meet with the anesthesioloigst and tell him what your past problems were. They should be able to do a twilight sleep. I had it for both my D/C when I lost a pregnancy at 16wks (which would have been INSANELY painful had I been awake) and when I had my wisdom teeth out. If I come across my detailed bill from the D/C I will post the exact drugs that were used, but I was unconcious enough I had to spend an hour in recovery, but I was alert enough to schedule my own followup appointment in the first 10 minutes I was in recovery. So basically you are completely out, but its only meant for short procedures and you wake up really quickly from it. I remember being wrapped in warm blankets and the IV being pulled out of my arm when they were waking me up in the OR. I think this type of anesthesia would be a better choice for you.


jb - February 6

I understand how you feel. My mom has had numerous surgeries and one time she was not completely out like they said she would be. She was so scared because she 'paralyzed' enough from the anastetic that she couldn't talk to tell them she was not completely out, nor could she move a muscle to signal something. That incident turned her off to other surgeries in the future. It took her years to get the courage to have another one done. She even got hypnotized to overcome her fear of surgery. Now, many years later, she has had surgerys again and they have been much better. I hope things go better for you this time. I wish I knew what to say to help you. But do know, that I completely understand your fear.


LisaB - February 6

Have you gotten a second opinion? Sorry but thats scarey sh*t and you aren't a chicken. I would seek another professional opinion and a third or fourth until someone has a better idea than hurry up and do it fast. I agrees with Kara get a consultation with an anesthesiologist for sure and don't have anything done until you are comfortable with all the doctors. Good luck and you can vent about it on here any time. I know I would drive my dh insane talking about this so its good to get other suggestions and ideas from those not emotionally invovled


EricaG - February 6

thank you so much girls, I guess even though I didn't know what I needed to hear, all of you did it! :o) I will definately get a second opinion or ask that they have an anesthesiologist in there. Usually it is just the nurse doing the sedation and giving the go ahead. I had the same problem with my wisdom teeth, I was laying there with them pulling and cracking and everything else and they said at the beginning of the surgery "you won't remember anything, in fact you won't remember what I'm telling you right now" HAH! I never had one moment of time that I don't remember during that procedure. I dunno, I'll really talk to them about the anesthesia before I get it done (If i have to get it done) and take all of your advice into consideration. Any more comments are definately welcomed too :o) You guys make me feel so much better.


Rabbits07 - February 6

I understand where you are coming from. I had an endoscopy a few years ago that used (I'm a__suming) the same kind of sedation....they are suppose to be able to tell you things to do and ask you questions and you be able to respond, but as you said you are not suppose to remember. My case was much like yours (only not as bad) in that I remember at some point that I started choking and gagging while they were running the tube down and I started vomiting then I heard the dr. yelling to pull it back out. I was kind of in and out so don't remember everything, but do remember that part! If it turns out that you have to have another procedure I would definitely ask for a different anesthesia. Some people are just highly tolerant to them. Maybe you could even ask for a valium or something to take the edge off so that even if you don't go all the way under you won't freak out about it?



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