OT Should I Just Buy Some Fat Pants

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DB - March 1

My dd is one month old. While I've lost 30 of the 45 pounds I gained while pregnant during our first two weeks home I am stuck at my weight now (that was all baby and water). I'm still wearing either sweats or my smaller sized maternity jeans. Should I just suck it up and buy some fat pants and bigger tops. I feel self concious in my maternity jeans, like if I bend over the big navy blue band shows...and I can't go out in sweats all the time. aahhh... this sucks!!


Erynn21 - March 1

You should just deal and go buy some bigger jeans, I had to do it at about the same time. Some of my pants still don't fit the same, and I am almost 6 months pp. It's weird, some of my different pants fit and some don't it really just depends on the fit. Just looking like your "normal" self will make you feel better, even if it's a size or 2 bigger. And always remember, it took 9 months to grow your dd, it takes approximately that long to get all the way back down. Good luck.


Hana - March 1

Go buy fat pants. Im 5 months pp and im was still resisting buying fat pants, but having a fit everytime i went out coz i had nothing to wear...but buy the d__n fat pants life's too short lol


mcatherine - March 1

I bought some because I needed the feel of normal jeans- but I only bought two pairs so I didn't have an excuse not to lose the weight.


kristap - March 1

I did this too... I bought the fat pants. I hated not having anything to wear. I gained 32 lbs while pregnant and I lost all of it, but have since gained a little back and my extra jiggly belly doesnt quite fit in my pants the way they used to.


bradylove - March 1

I had to bite the bullet and buy new pants because even though I lost most of the weight, my shape is totally different now so my pre-baby jeans just don't fit right anymore.


LisaB - March 1

Buy the fat pants a little tight and work towards fitting in them thats what I did also buy the jeans with strech material gives you some room. I'd say a loss of 30 lbs within a month is fab!!


jazminesmom - March 1

i am still trying to lose weight from being proggo and my daughter is 17 months old. i was a size 14 when i got preggo and now i am a 18. i am starting to workout and do porstion control. when i was b___stfeed i lost al of weight but when i had to stop i gained some beck i am not gaining weight i am just the same for months now. and we are ttc baby # 2 so i will lose some than gain some when i finaly get preggo agian


HANNAHs Mom - March 1

I agree with the others...go out and splurge on an outfit that makes you feel fantastic & beauftiful! The post-partum period can be so depressing and frustrating...it's nice to have something that fits nicely and makes you feel great while out and about. :)



I refused to buy fat pants I wore sweats and draws strings pants until I was able to fit into my pre preggo jeans. I still can't fit into some of my tighter jeans ( they zip up but I get the muffin top) lol but fo the most part I fit into most of my jeans.


flower.momma - March 1

I was in the same EXACT boat as you. Yeah, just suck it up and buy some "fat pants". Those last 10 come off so slowly. My ds is 3-months-old and I still have 5 to go. Myabe go to a second-hand store so you won't have to shell out too much $ for pants that you hopefully won't be wearing too long. Nothing helps boost self esteem like clothes that fit, IMO.


HannahBaby - March 1

You know what i have found, its not the number on the scale that dictates your pants size. I am 8lbs LIGHTER than when i got pregnant and STILL have a hard time with some pants. Bite the bullet and buy the bigger pants, you may have to lose more that you anticipate to get back in them jeans. Good luck


mamagoose - March 1

LOL, DB I was just asking myself this exact question yesterday! I'm NOT going to buy fat pants, I'm taking a stand, I WILL fit back into my old clothes, and my goal is to do it by April 1, so help me God!!! (I hope that saying this publicly will help me get there...)I'm wearing my maternity jeans still, but they're way too big and I am constantly hiking them up. I can kind of fit into my non-maternity "fat pants", but not my normal stuff yet... I've lost 30 lbs of the 40 lbs I gained. Plus, I can't really afford a new wardrobe, so that's extra incentive... but one thing that I'm a little worried about is that my mom (who has always been thin) gained 45 lbs with her pregnancies, and lost all the weight quickly, but still didn't fit into her old clothes afterwards because her body shape had changed... especially in the hips.


Nerdy Girl - March 1

Buy the fat pants and then you can use them after the next pregnancy too.


Kara H. - March 1

I felt so much better after I had some clothes that fit. Plus it was fun when they started getting a little big - much more of a feeling of sucess than waiting for old pants to "not quite as tight". I'm back to my old size, but I can't wear the same cut as I did before. I need a higher rise and more of a curvy cut in the seat. I got a great b___t now, but need a bit more fabric to cover it than before with my old flat one :)


DB - March 1

OK, I sucked it up and stopped at Target after the Pediatrician today. I bought two pairs (that was depressing trying clothes on, I'm not going to lie). One fits and one is the next size down. Plus, they were only $22 each so it's not too bad. I hope to fit into the smaller size by late spring...and I'm ok with my body shape changing. I don't mind hips at all, but I do mind the jiggly belly!! I wonder if it's ok to start doing crunches and all that now. I'd a__sume so, I feel back to normal.


Kara H. - March 1

Walmart has a bootcut jean that I actually like (and covers my new juicy b___t great) and they are only $15. I also started checking clearance racks at every store I went to. I got a lot of tops for $3-$7 which really helped build me a new wardrobe. Now that Max is older and I carry him on my hip, I prefer longer tees with crew or ballerina necks instead of the v-necks I used to wear. With the baby pulling on your shirt, v-necks end up showing a lot of bra.



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