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punkin01 - February 17

3 days ago i was in walmart in line at the pharmacy the line was very long but moving good.....a woman walkes up pushing a buggy with a child in it and starts griping at her hubby that he was taking too long and the little girl needed to get home and take the medicine.....the hubby told her he was waiting just like everyone else and he couldn't make the line go any faster ....then she proceedes to tell him the girl had just vomited on isle 9 again......and he needed to hurry......well while she is standing there blessing this man out the little girl does it again she throws up everywhere...........now i ask you why do you take a sick child in the store? why couldn't that baby have stayed home and have access to a bathroom? and rest? and why does my children and your children as well as me and you have to go behind this inconsiderate parents and use the buggy that was puked all over?? and the poor walmart employees that had to keep cleaning this c__p up..........then yesterday i go in walmart and the cashier is so sick she coughs and then hands me my money then wipes her nose as she is going for the receipt....gross if you or your kid is sick stay home!!!!!!! i dont want it ....but yesterday i am struck with a stomach virus and throwing up all day so thanks to the inconsiderate lady that brought her puking kid to the store!!!!!!!!!


Sindel - February 17

Just yesturday my family and I were getting cell phones at walmart and there was this very impatient woman there with 2 kids.. We were signing up for a plan and she only had a question about those prepaid tracofone things. Well the guy behind the counter was activating our phones I told her that it should only be a minute because he had already activated the one phone and we were waiting on the second. Well I guess it was giving him problems and he was on the phone with alltel so it took a little longer.. She gets all huffy and goes to put the phone back on the shelf when another cashier comes out.. (we were in electronics) and I pointed the woman out saying she had a question.. turns out they needed to do something behind the counter where the other guy activating my phone was.. Shes all giving me dirty looks like its my fault that I got there first so whatever.. All of a sudden her son throws up like 4x right behind her and she was too busy b___hing about the service to notice.. Finally I'm like "oh your son is getting sick" and she turns around and is like "this is WHY I wanted to get out of here" There I am 6 months pregnant.. with my 17 month old son standing 4 feet from them.. it was really gross... Like we want to get sick too right? I don't understand why you'd bring your children out when they are feeling that bad. She ended up leaving a WHOLE cart of groceries there for the a__sociates to put back. I felt bad for the kid because hes the one being who has to walk around walmart all day (she had alot of stuff) and then have everyone stare and point at him because he gets sick.. he started crying.. =( I'd be so embara__sed if I got sick in a public place so I couldnt do that to my kids.. Oh and having the cashier share her germs like that is really disgusting.. After her practicaly b__wing her nose on my reciept I probably would have told her to keep it. I wish they'd make those travel size lysol disinfectant sprays.. hehe you could have sprayed everything before touching it.


punkin01 - February 17

same here i am 24weeks preggo and had my 15 month old with me (she or i wasnt sick we were picking up my prenatal vitamins) just for someone who might think me or my child was in there sick because we were in line at the pharmacy...........i just dont understand it though if i am sick like i was yesterday the last place i want to go is walmart....so why do you take your kid sick.........i guess it is something i dont understand


BriannasMummy - February 17

Im not saying that either of these cases were OKAY. However, I do want to share that today at my fil's 50th birthday super.. my dd looked up at me and said MOMMY IM GOING TO PUKE!! I stood up we RAN to the bathroom (through a fancy restaurant) we made it to the restroom where she started puking. She puked like 4 times. I have to say that I had NO idea in this world that she was sick like that. There was no warning to this at all. Im not saying the girl at walmart didnt know.. however, in some cases there might be a child that gets sick all of a sudden. I really really hope you feel better though punkin! ~Kristin~


Rabbits07 - February 17

In punkin's case my best guess would be that they had just came from the doctor (since they were at the pharmacy getting medicine for the child). Perhaps they live quite a distance away from the pharmacy and it wasn't practical for them to take the child home and one parent come back out. They could've had one parent stay in the car with the child with a barf bag though ;-) In Sindel's case it sounded like they knew the child was puking since she stated, "....this is WHY I wanted to get out of here." That really is c___ppy though. I have been out before and seen people hacking and coughing and snotting all over the place and I'm like, okay I hope I don't touch anything you've touched! I've been at the grocery store before and the cashier be sick as a dog and say, I'm sorry, I've got the flu." HUH? I do understand that people have to work to make a living and not all places give you paid sick days, but it doesn't make it anymore pleasant for those of us who are being exposed. I try to be empathetic and get in another line.


mandee25 - February 18

That would seriously tick me off! Some people don't use that thing between their ears. If your kid is sick, they stay home and get better, simple as that!



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