OT Sick Of Being In The House

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krnj - February 1

I've been in the house with ds all week practically. I'm pregnant and by the time I get ds dressed, packed up & in his car seat I'm exhausted before we even get anywhere. Not to mention the weather's been lousy. Sorry for the vent, I'm just sick of this house! lol


ash2 - February 1



Gena - February 1

I totally agree w/ you! dd is 3 weeks old and I don't want to get her out anywhere b/c it seems too cold. Seems like all I do is sit in the house and the game show network is getting a little bored!! Can't wait until summer!


olivia - February 1

I hear ya! I am housebound with a 17 month old and a 6 week old and am going stir crazy. Or at least I was until we just got an offer on the house and are probably moving in a month. Now I am housebound and trying to pack with my ds not wanting me to put him down and my dd just learned how to say "NO". Ahh, what a fun winter!!!


piratesmermaid - February 2

I'm stuck in a one bedroom apartment all freakn day at least for another month!! We've been here for 4 months now. I think I'm getting cabin fever, I've just been a troll because of it.


mandee25 - February 2

That makes two of us krnj. My hubby works in the daytime and he has the car everyday unless I have an appointment and I need it. I only get out of the house maybe 3 times a week on average and getting sick of these four walls. I cannot wait until I can take ds out for walks in the stroller. Where I live it's too dam cold!


sahmof3 - February 2

I hear ya! I go to drop my son off at school and then I drive to the busstop to pick him up. I go to work some evenings, but that's running from my heated car into an office or home that needs cleaned. I am sooo ready for spring and taking walks!!!


srigles - February 2

Me too! It takes forever to get both myself and Keegan ready to go anywhere, and the weather's been c___ppy, and I'm just sick of being inside. I can't wait until it's warm enough to start going for walks and spending time outside!



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